"The Ursuline really encourages us to become strong, independent women. Staff are concerned with developing and caring for the whole person as well as achieving the best academic results". Student

Every young woman receives the highest possible standards of care, guidance and support as she moves through the school.

Tutors, Heads of Year and our Pastoral Support Assistants are foremost in supporting the personal development of your daughter. Our aim is for each student to achieve her full potential in school.

We also provide access to specialist facilities and staff to support students in need. Students have access to a counsellor, school nurse and mentors who are trained in bereavement, health concerns, dealing with friendship issues and much more.

We also run a series of Parenting Support workshops focusing on raising girls, personal relationships, emotional health and managing stress at examination time.


Removing Barriers to Learning

At the Ursuline High School we recognise that sometimes our students experience difficulties that affect their performance in school. To help in the removal of these barriers a number of services are available to students including:

  • Counselling from the Youth Awareness Programme, the Ursuline Sisters and the Cabrini Society.
  • Mentoring from My Voice London.
  • Assessment and support from the Social Inclusion Manager.
  • Anger management.
  • Health advice and monitoring from the School Nurse.
  • Peer mentoring from year 12 students.
  • An anti bullying drop in.
  • Restorative Justice meetings for students in conflict.
  • Information and guidance for continuing education and careers.

If we are unable to fully meet a student's needs within school she may also be referred to agencies such as the Educational Psychologist, Children and Adolescent Mental Health, Family Therapy, Social Services, Young Carers, the Educational Welfare Service and other specialist projects



In support of the school Mission Statement we aim to “build a caring and supportive Christian community”. As a school we recognise that we have a full and active part to play in enacting the Equality Act 2010 along with outlining the school’s own Catholic approach to inclusion.

As a school community we aim to:
  • Build a caring and supportive Christian community where each individual is able to grow in their understanding of the faith and in their commitment to Christ.
  • Ensure that students feel able to express their feelings and identity in order to develop in to healthy and happy young adults.
  • Accompany students on their path to discerning their sexual orientation or gender identity; through allowing students to develop in an environment of informed conscience.
  • Develop personal qualities of understanding of self and others, self-discipline and motivation, responsible maturity, creative freedom and integrity.
  • Ensure equality for students with protected characteristics. Fostering an attitude of respect for all regardless of age, race, colour, creed, gender, gender identity or sexual orientation.
  • Build peace, to promote justice, social concern and, through the celebration of difference, the equality of all peoples.
  • Widen horizons, to encourage a sense of commitment and service to the wider world, and to enable each one to go on learning and changing all through life.

LGBTQI Guidance


The response below is a follow up to a specific question asked at the information evening 12th October on the LGBTQI Guidance.

“Do we teach the ‘Theology of the Body’ as taught by Pope John Paul II between 1979 and 1984?”

Answer: Yes students at GCSE directly examine the ‘Theology of the Body’ in the new  AQA GCSE Paper 2 Unit ‘Relationships and Families’. Students study the document and the teachings of PJP looking at how they help to lift the concept of the nature and purpose of sexual love – (marital, unitive, procreative). Students are then required, for a 12 mark GCSE question, to compare and contrast the message of PJP II’s document to other church documents to see if it does give a different or higher status to sexual relationships than any other document.

Below is the document used in lessons to examine this teaching in comparison with other church documents.

LGBTQI Parent Session



Parental Feedback 

Message form a parent following LGBTQI Parental Meeting


Dear Mrs Watson and Mr Kelly,


Just a quick message to thank you both for the presentation to parents this evening. I thought you handled the complex subject matter very well. It was clear from some of the questions that some parents will be quite sensitive about the handling of these issues in a Catholic school. It is quite a balancing act and I was impressed by your approach. I’m also glad to hear that UHS is taking a lead on issuing guidance within the context of Catholic schools.

No need to reply to this message as I realise you are both busy. I thought it was worthwhile to let you know of our support.






Young Merton

Young Merton

Young Merton provides services for parents and young people who live in the Merton borough or attend a Merton school.





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