The LRC is open every day after school and is open to all students who want to find a quiet place to read or do their homework in a silent environment before making their way home.

Reading Cloud

Reading Cloud is the software we use to access the library system. To log in from your PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

You can...

  • Search, reserve or download resources from the school library and across the Reading Cloud
  • Like and recommend resources to other students
  • Write book reviews
  • Plus much more...

Logging on to Reading Cloud

To log in from your PC, laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

The student username is your school email address, and your password is your date of birth without any /.



Password: 01012021 (if born on 01/01/2021)

Our Book Selection

The books stocked within our library reflect the diverse and inclusive nature of our school, covering the different ages, cultures, ethnicities, and gender identities of our students.

All resources are suitable for secondary school aged pupils, this may, on occasion, mean that your child selects a book with a more mature content or use of language.

If you would prefer your child to have age restrictions placed on their account, please email our Librarian at


For any further inquires please contact


Ms Gemma Toop

0203 908 3174



Thought for the Week
Be gentle and compassionate.
2nd Counsel/1