Ursuline Links Summer Camp

During the summer holidays, Jasmine, Wiktoria, Fatima and Sinead took part in the Ursuline links London day camps.

The day camps took place from the 22nd – 28th July at the Ursuline sisters house in Ilford. During the week the pupils stayed at the sister house and ran the camp between 8.30 and 3 pm lead by Hannah Wood. The camp was attended by 30 children between the ages of 6 – 13.

During the week students led craft activities, such as design your own t-shirt and hat, bracelet making and slime making. Students led sport and dance activities to keep the children active and having fun.

During the week there were two outings one was to the Wat Tyler Centre and one to the park for sports day. At the Wat Tyler centre the students helped the children with pond dipping, bug catching and all went to play on the adventure playground together.

The week ended with sports day in Local Park which show cased the children’s team work skills and their competitive nature.  Jasmine was in charge of the obstacle course, she said “it was lovely to see the children supporting their team mates”.

During the week the students enjoyed building relationships with the children and learnt the importance of patience. They all had a fantastic time and truly recommend other people to take part next year.

Thought for the Week
God will give you the necessary strength, provided you do what you can.
Prologue to the Counsels/16