Outstanding Teaching and Learning

Each and every student matters to us. Through inspiring and challenging lessons, engaging activities and a personalised curriculum, learners make sustained and substantial progress.

At the Ursuline the teaching and learning is a journey that is explored by both students and the teachers to enable all students to achieve their ambitions. Teachers deliver engaging lessons that motivate students to independently research topical issues. Students are encouraged to feedback research through class discussion which makes the learning environment more stimulating. Several staff are also examiners and have first-hand experience of how the marks are awarded which in turn ensures our students are better prepared to achieve outstanding results.

We are conscious that a student needs more than just good examination results to be successful in adult life. This is more important than ever in our modern global world. Teachers focus on deepening students’ knowledge enabling them to access challenging concepts.

In all lessons, we aim to develop the students’ skills with particular focus on:

To support this, Learning Conferences are organised with specific focus on:

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Thought for the Week
Be gentle and compassionate.
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