Careers Programme

The Careers Programme in the Sixth Form starts in Year 11 with an introductory talk on post-18 options. This reflects the school's approach to long term career development and the importance of early preparation. In Year 12 students are given opportunities for personal development and self-knowledge through practical and interactive activities.

The range of careers available is explored with both individuals and groups. Students have the opportunity to reflect carefully on how they can best present themselves and how they can increase their chance of success in their career. Higher Education is emphasised, as over 90% of students have successful applications, but alternative options such as further education, apprenticeship and the school leavers' programme is also explored. In the summer term of Year 12 the formal process of UCAS application begins and students are supported so that they undertake this from an informed, confident perspective.

The aim is to work collaboratively with staff, students and parents to prepare the leavers with tangible support for their journey into their career.

Year 12

Term Themes Activities
Autumn 1 Introduction to the Sixth Form Induction Day Self-analysis linked to academic review
Reflection on progress. Expectations of Sixth Form study
Autumn 2 What's available? Introduction to Faith Development Programme and Leadership Sixth Form Enrichment opportunities Work shadowing talk and introduction
Spring 1 Research/ decision making Talk on post-18 options Leadership training day Individual interviews
Spring 2 Research/ decision making Higher Education Day with pack for students/parents UCAS Higher Education Fair, Oxbridge meetings and identification of most able students, The Medics Programme, Year 12 Higher Education Evening for Parents
Individual interviews
Summer 2   Exams Specialist careers workshops Gap year talk Confirmation of work shadowing placements Individual interviews Student Login for UCAS Apply Work shadowing week In-school programme for careers Writing Personal Statements Open days at universities
 August Exam results Exam clinic and advice on BTEC results and progression into Year 13

Year 13

Term Themes Activities
Autumn 1   Applications to Higher Education  – UCAS UCAS advice sessions Open days at universities Individual interviews
Autumn 2 Application School UCAS deadline Student finance talks, applying for student loans and practical budgeting skills, identifying, exploring , applying for Apprenticeship and School Leaver Programme opportunities and preparing for each assessment stage through tailored mock interviews and assessment centre prep meetings- ongoing until the end of the summer term  
Spring 1 Follow up Interview preparation for subjects requiring interviews - Medicine / Teaching/ Nursing etc. Presentation skills Art college application deadline UCAS 'extra' applications Interview preparation workshops  
Spring 2 Follow up Advice on final decision and submission of final choices Transition activities for post Sixth Form
August Exam results Exam Clinic and help with clearing

Careers Evaluation

All careers events and activities have student evaluations completed and impact measured and reviewed regularly.

Review Date of Careers Education, Information and Guidance (CEIAG).

December 2020

For any further inquires please contact

Careers Lead

Ms Lorraine Petheram

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