Staff Contact Details

 Main Switchboard  020 8255 2688
 Main Fax  020 8255 2687
Direct Dial  020 3908 then ext. number as below
Dorothy Kazel Reception  Ext 3133
Dorothy Kazel Fax  020 3908 3183
Headteacher : Julia Waters
For the Headteacher’s office please contact the Headteacher’s PA

Designated Safeguarding Officers

M.Alexander  ext 3139
R.Gilmore ext 3168
S.McCourt ext 3101
Safeguarding Business Support ext 3126
OUT OF TERM 07415 005402

Wellbeing Co-ordinator 

J.Wild 3197

Safeguarding Business Support

Karlin Eloff 3126

Safeguarding Care Co-ordinator

Danielle Boateng 3104
LADO: 0208 545 3211/3179

General Concerns List

Absence Reporting Bernadette Young Attendance Officer/Office Manager 3144 bernadette.young
Admissions Salvina Barcellona Admissions Officer 3167 salvina.barcellona
Laptop Technical Queries Jodie Hanel Laptop Doctor 3192

Parent Portal Help (Parent Pay, Progresso, Weduc etc) 

Senior Leadership Team

Name Position Ext Email
Julia Waters Head Teacher 3124 Juliaw
Eoin Kelly Associate Head Standards 3135 eoin.kelly
Didier Adam Deputy Headteacher Sixth Form 3140 didier.adam
Michelle Alexander Acting Deputy Headteacher Inclusion/Designated Safeguarding Lead 3139  michelle.alexander
Collette Farley NPQ Lead, Head of Sociology, Teach Wimbledon Lead 3160  collette.farley
Ben Barton Assistant Headteacher T Levels and Careers 3143 ben.barton
Brendan Ryan Assistant Headteacher and Recruitment & Retention in the Sixth Form 3198 brendan.ryan
Kerry Connor Assistant Headteacher Catholic Life Ethos  3158 kerry.connor
Paul Williams Assistant Headteacher CPD/Student Leadership/Appraisal  3142 paul.williams
Tom Glavina Assistant Headteacher/Pupil Premium/ECT Lead 3194 tom.glavina
Owen Nichols Assistant Headteacher Teaching and Learning  3164 owen.nichols
Alison Silke Business Manager  3136 alison.silke
Rachel Donohue Acting Assistant Headteacher Behaviour  3186 rachel.donohue

Headteacher’s PA’s

Lydia Torch Headteacher’s PA 3122 lydia.torch
Evelyn Davern SLT Business Support 3181 evelyn.davern

Head of Years

Georgina Pinto  Head of Year 7 / Psychology Teacher 3102 georgina.pinto
Erin Guiheen & Paige Smith Joint Heads of Year 8 3173 paige.smith
James Roberts Head of Year 9/RE Teacher 3161 james.roberts
Seoighe Kearney  Head of Year 10 / Maths Teacher 3127


Anne-Lise Torrode Head of Year 11 / PE Teacher 3170 anne-lise.torode
Miriam Hollis Head of Year 12 / History Teacher 3141 miriam.hollis
Mandy Osei Head of Year 13 / Sociology Teacher 3193 mandy.osei


Year 7

7 Angela Na En Park  naen.park
7 Bernadette Lanu Carvajal lanu.carvajal
7 Catherine Jacqui Clark jacqueline.clark
7 Francis Laura McHale laura.mchale
7 Margaret Gabriela Gregory gabriela.gregory
7 Teresa Georgina Kent georgina.kent
7 Ursula Katharine Grandin katharine.grandin


Year 8

8 Angela  Paula Lee Thomas  paula.thomas
8 Bernadette  Geraldine Taylor geraldine.taylor
8 Catherine  Gareth Davies  gareth.davies
8 Francis  Georgia McNichol georgia.mcnichol
8 Margaret  Jake Tyler jacob.tyler
8 Teresa  Ronan Preastuin ronan.preastuin
8 Ursula  Caroline McColgan caroline.mccolgan


Year 9

9 Angela  Poppy Rushforth poppy.rushforth 
9 Bernadette  Helen McCauley / Ian Chiswa helen.mccauley / ian.chiswa
9 Catherine  Agnieszka Ciechanowska agnieszka.ciechanowska
9 Francis  Laura Grant / Dr Elizabeth (Tuesdays) laura.grant / elizabeth.mudzimu
9 Margaret  Rachel O'Neill rachel.oneill
9 Teresa  Jason Ching jason.ching
9 Ursula  Serena Sidaway serena.sidaway


Year 10

10 Angela Suli Odhiambo sulumenty.odhiambo
10 Bernadette Lucy Collier lucy.collier
10 Catherine Josh Noone joshua.noone 
10 Francis Niall Carlton  niall.carton
10 Margaret Zoe Antell zoe.antell
10 Teresa Ellen Byrne ellen.byrne
10 Ursula
Mercedes Alvarez Green mercedes.alvarez


Year 11

11 Angela Rayife Atasoy rayife.atasoy
11 Bernadette Anna Jackson anna.jackson
11 Catherine Rosamund Hawkins  rosamund.hawkins
11 Francis Alex Henry alexandra.henry
11 Margaret Melanie Guillet Siad melanie.guillet
11 Teresa Nerys Aberdeen / Emma Nichols (Wednesday) nerys.aberdeen / emma.nichols
11 Ursula Carys Surbey carys.surbey


Arts Faculty

Paul Williams Assistant Headteacher CPD/Student Leadership/Appraisal/Head of Music 3142 paul.williams
Nikki Meluish  Head of Arts Faculty 3188 nikki.meluish
Agnieszka Ciechanowska Head of Art   agnieszka.ciechanowska
Lanu Carvajal Art Teacher   lanu.carvajal
Gabriela Gregory  Art Teacher    
Carys Surbey Drama Teacher   carys.surbey
James Hardman Technician for the Arts Faculty/Music/Drama 3189 james.hardman
Jason Ching Music Teacher / KS3 Music Co-ordinator    jason.ching
Dominic Groves Drama Trainee   dominic.groves

English Faculty

Brendan Ryan Assistant Headteacher and Recruitment & Retention in the Sixth Form  3198 brendan.ryan
Ellen Byrne Head of English 3128 ellen.byrne
Laura McHale Head of KS4 English   laura.mchale
Andrea Hack  English Teacher   andrea.hack
Georgina Kent English Teacher/Year 9 Co-ordinator   georgina.kent
Jane Lewis English Teacher/Year 7 & 8 Co-ordinator   jane.lewis
Helen McCauley English Teacher   helen.mccauley
Poppy Rushforth 
English Teacher/KS5 English Literature     poppy.rushforth 
Katharine Grandin  English Teacher    katharine.grandin
Serena Sidaway English Teacher   serena.sidaway

Social Science Faculty

Michelle Alexander Acting Deputy Headteacher Inclusion/Designated Safeguarding Lead 3139 michelle.alexander
Katherine Worrell  Head of Social Science Faculty 3153 katherine.worrell
Geraldine Taylor  Head of Health and Social Care/Nursing T Level   geraldine.taylor
Collette Farley NPQ Lead, Head of Sociology, Teach Wimbledon Lead 3160 collette.farley
Georgina Pinto Head of Year 7 / Psychology Teacher 3102 georgina.pinto
Mandy Osei Head of Year 13 / Sociology Teacher 3193 mandy.osei


Business Studies/Economics/IT/Computing Faculty 

Halima Bhayat Head of Computing/STEAM Lead 3131 halima.bhayat
Gino Hynes Head of Economics and Business 3178 gino.hynes
Ali Malik Business Studies Teacher   ali.malik
Ian Chiswa Computing Teacher   ian.chiswa
Jeremy Gibson Business Studies Teacher    jeremy.gibson


Technology Faculty

Paula-Lee Thomas Head of Design Technology   paula.thomas
Georgia Davey Design Technology Technician   georgia.davey


Caitriona Doyle Director of Sports (maternity leave)  3175 caitriona.doyle
Rachel Corrigan Acting Director of Sports/PE Teacher   3175 rachel.corrigan
Christopher Dunne PE Teacher   christopher.dunne
Anne-Lise Torode Head of Year 11 / PE 3170 anne-lise.torode
Chelsea Ripley PE Teacher   chelsea.ripley


Rachel Hoyles Head of Food   rachel.hoyles

Humanities Faculty

Debra Beale                Head of Humanities/Head of Government and Politics / Head of History 
 3185 debra.beale


Eoin Kelly Associate Head Standards 3135 eoin.kelly
Niall Carton  Head of Geography 3185 niall.carton
Emma Nichols Geography Teacher   emma.nichols
Laura Grant Geography Teacher   laura.grant
Erin Guiheen Joint Head of Year 8 / Geography Teacher 3173 erin.guiheen

History/Government & Politics

Debra Beale Head of Humanities / Head of Government and Politics / Head of History  3186 debra.beale
John Lester History Teacher/  KS3 Co-ordinator   john.lester
Miriam Hollis Head of Year 12 / History Teacher 3141 miriam.hollis
Lara Ridpath  History Teacher   lara.ridpath
Joshua Noone  History Teacher    joshua.noone 

Mathematics Faculty

Rachel Donohue Acting Asst Headteacher Behaviour, Personal Development 3186 rachel.donohue
Matthew Collins Head of Mathematics 3134 matthew.collins
Rayife Atasoy Mathematics/Intervention   rayife.atasoy
Archana Floyd Mathematics Teacher/KS5 Co-ordinator   archana.floyd
Anna Jackson Head of KS3/Mathematics Teacher   anna.jackson
Seoighe Kearney Head of Year 10 / Maths   seoighe.kearney
Georgia McNichol Mathematics Teacher   georgia.mcnichol
Rachel O’Neill Mathematics Teacher   rachel.oneill
Nerys Aberdeen Head of KS4/Mathematics Teacher    nerys.aberdeen
Paige Smith  Joint Head of Year 8 / Maths  3173 paige.smith
Jacob Tyler  Mathematics Teacher   jacob.tyler


Melanie Guillet-Siad Head of Modern Foreign Languages/Head of French 3129 melanie.guillet
Didier Adam Deputy Headteacher Sixth Form/MFL 3140 didier.adam
Mercedes Alvarez Green Head of Spanish 3129 mercedes.alvarez
Zoe Antell Head of German 3129 zoe.antell
Margaret Kenny MFL – French   margaret.kenny
Jenny Harriott MFL French Teacher 
Rachael Gilmore Assistant Lead Inclusion/French and Spanish Teacher 3152 rachael.gilmore
Lucy Collier 
MFL Teacher 
Rosamund Hawkins MFL French Teacher   rosamund.hawkins


Dr Sulumenty Odhiambo Head of RE 3154 sulumenty.odhiambo
Kerry Connor Assistant Headteacher Catholic Ethos 3158 kerry.connor
James Roberts Head of Year 9/RE 3161 james.roberts
Ronan Preastuin RE Teacher/KS4 Co-ordinator   ronan.preastuin
Dr Elizabeth Mudzimu RE Teacher/KS3 Co-ordinator   elizabeth.mudzimu
Na-En Park  RE Teacher   naen.park


Owen Nichols Assistant Headteacher Teaching and Learning  3164 owen.nichols
Alex Rushforth Head of Science 3159 alex.rushforth
Ben Barton Assistant Headteacher T-Levels and Careers 3143 ben.barton
Rachel Williams Science Teacher    rachel.williams
Matthew Breese Head of Science T Level/BTEC Science Co-ordinator   matthew.breese
Francois Pachins KS3 Science Co-ordinator   francois.pachins
Keryn Gallacher  Chemistry Teacher   keryn.gallacher
Meera James  Chemistry Teacher   meera.james
Caroline McColgan  Science Teacher   caroline.mccolgan
Erin Callaghan Biology Teacher   erin.callaghan
Jacqueline Clark Physics Teacher   jacqueline.clark
Gareth Davies Biology Teacher   gareth.davies
Marlyn Gordon  Science Teacher   marlyn.gordon
Bhavisha Patel Principal Science Technician  3165 / 3157 bhavisha.patel
Merry Mitra Science Technician 3165 / 3165 / 3157 merry.mitra


SEN Department

Victoria Jefferies SENCO 3132 victoria.jefferies
Joanne Thompson Deputy SENCO/English Teacher 3195  joanne.thompson
Jennifer Delhoum SEND Teacher/ASD Lead   jennifer.delhoum
Katarina Zatkovicova  SEMH Lead    katarina.zatkovicova 
Agnieszka Lygonska  HLTA for SpLD   3191 aga.lygonska 
Camilla Johnson SEND Reading Intervention teacher   camilla.johnson
Ciara Laker HLTA/ Physical & Visual Lead   ciara.laker
Gina Lamb Dixon HLTA/Speech, Language and Communication   gina.lamb
Maureen Cecil HLTA for SEMH    maureen.cecil
Christiana Heigl Learning Support Assistant – Science Department   christiane.heigl
Heather Smith Learning Support Assistant - Maths Department   heather.smith
Patricia Smith Learning Support Assistant – Maths Department   patricia.smith
Fay Bishop Learning Support Assistant - Maths Department   fay.bishop
Sauha Chohan  Learning Support Assistant   sauha.chohan
Joyce Ma  Learning Support Assistant
Suanne Dix HLTA Sixth Form    suanne.dix
Helen West  Teaching Assistant/SLCN Support    helen.west
Emily Chan  Business Support for SEND   3147 emily.chan


Malgosia Lasocka ESOL Teacher 3196 malgosia.lasocka

Safeguarding Team

Michelle Alexander  Deputy Headteacher Inclusion/Designated Safeguarding Lead 3139 michelle.alexander
Rachael Gilmore Assistant Lead Inclusion/Mental Health Lead 3168 rachael.gilmore
Jo Wild Wellbeing Co-ordinator 3197 jo.wild
Karlin Eloff  Safeguarding Support Assistant 3126 karlin.eloff
Danielle Boetang Safeguarding Care Co-ordinator 3104 danielle.boateng

Pastoral Assistants

Magdalena Sawicka Year 7 Pastoral Support Assistant  3105 magdalena.sawicka
Sarah McCourt Year 8 & 9 School Pastoral Assistant  3101 sarah.maccourt
Sylvia Brown  Year 10 & 11 School Pastoral Assistant 3103 sylvia.brown


Danuta Grabda Lead Cover Administrator/NPQ Administrator 3155 danuta.grabda
Angela Scott Cover Supervisor 3156 angela.scott


Kazim Karadal Human Resources Advisor 3130 kazim.karadal

Finance Office

Alison Silke Business Manager  3136 alison.silke
Salvina Barcellona Finance/ Admissions Officer 3167 salvina.barcellona
Jivya Sudra Finance Administrator 3133 jivya.sudra
Carmen Canas Assistant Finance Officer 3137  
Stephanie Craddock Finance Assistant/H&S Document Controller 3137 stephanie.craddock
Caijie Zang  Finance Administrator 3133 caijie.zang 

Staff Services

Jenny Ridge Admin Assistant 3151 jenny.ridge

Students Services

Bernadette Young Attendance Officer/Office Manager 3144 bernadette.young
Karolina Drozek Student Services Administrator 3121 karolina.drozek

Site Team

Marlon Phillips Senior Site Manager 3162

Andrew Johnstone Assistant Site Manager 3162
Robert Bedford  Assistant Site Manager 3162  
Henry Fadden Assistant Site Manager (Lettings 07514 046229) 3162

Learning Resource

Gemma Toop Learning Resource Assistant (Librarian) 3174 gemma.toop

Sixth Form Support Team

Miriam Hollis Head of Year 13/History 3141 miriam.hollis
Mandy Osei Head of Year 13/Sociology Teacher 3193 mandy.osei
Isabel Suarez  Sixth Form Study Supervisor 3193 isabel.suarez
Bonnie Grahame-Betts Sixth Form Study Co-ordinator 3193 bonnie.grahame
Maria Dancisinova Sixth Form Administrator 3199 / sixthformadmin
Christiane Johnson Sixth Form Café Manager (Year 13)   christiane.johnson


Nicholas Creasey Examinations Officer/School Environment Lead 3146 nicholas.creasey


Ben Barton Assistant Headteacher T-Levels and Careers 3143 ben.barton
Polly Milne KS3 & KS4 Careers Co-ordinator 3182 polly.milne
Shirley Ward Careers, T Level Placements 3172 shirley.ward
Maria Hoban Careers Officer 3172 maria.hoban
Polly Harrison  Director of Extended Learning/Oxbridge 6th Form Curriculum/Enrichment Co-ordinator 3177 polly.harrison


Agnieszka Pierwiecka Catering Manager 3138 agnieszka.pierwiecka
Vivian Mack Deputy Catering Manager 3138 vivian.mak
Jennifer Brown Catering Assistant    
Tracey Cooke Catering Assistant    
Nancy Sloan Catering Assistant    
Reni Seldarova Catering Assistant    
Ewa Szkolnicka Catering Assistant    
Penny Au Assistant Cook    
Nancy Sloan Catering Assistant    


 Dominic Cunliffe School Chaplain/Environment Lead 3149  dominic.cunliffe

 IT Technicians

George Hanel Managing Director ID3 3145 george.hanel
Jodie Hanel IT Technician/Laptop 3192
Joseph Rousell  IT Technician 3192
Chetan Pithadia IT Technician 3192
Stuart Karl Veitch IT Technician  3192


Elvira Tynan Communications Lead 3166 elvira.tynan
Emma Smedley Marketing & Communications Officer 3180 emma.smedley

Mid Day Supervisors

Jacqueline Collis Senior Midday Supervisor   jacqueline.collis
Irene Furlong Midday Supervisor    
Debra Lamond Midday Supervisor    
Sumathy Vijendra Midday Supervisor    
Vida Gyamfi Breakfast Supervisor    
Soumaya Marouni  Midday Supervisor    
Jane Andrews Midday Supervisor    
Cherie Mogg Midday Supervisor    

 Teach Wimbledon

Jenna Warren ITT Co-ordinator (mobile 07907 574832)   jenna.warren

Police Officer

PC Geoff Gunn Police Officer 3150 geoff.gunn

Clerk to the Governors

Faye McGillian Clerk to Governors   faye.mcgillian

Chair of Governors

Ms Claire Thorogood    Chair of Governors   claire.thorogood


Peripatetic Teachers 

Alberto Vidal (Violin) Private

Nicola Williams (Voice) Private

Eunmee Lim (Piano) Private

Sarah Tansey (LAMDA) Private

Norma Whitson (Brass) MMF

Sally Roberts (Flute) MMF

Jay Ong (Guitar)

Lachezar Ivanov (Guitar)

Sung Eun Seo (Piano)