Staff Contact Details

 Main Switchboard  020 8255 2688
 Main Fax  020 8255 2687
Direct Dial 020 3908 then ext. number as below
Dorothy Kazel Reception Ext 3133
Dorothy Kazel Fax 020 3908 3183
Headteacher : Julia Waters
For the Headteacher’s office please contact the Headteacher’s PA

Designated Safeguarding

J.Harriott ext 3161 
R.Gilmore ext 3168
K.Snarska ext 3197
S.McCourt (Pearce) ext 3182
LADO: 0208 545 3211/3179


Senior Leadership Team

Name Position Ext Email
Julia Waters Head Teacher 3122 lydia.torch
Eoin Kelly Associate Head Standards 3135 eoin.kelly
Didier Adam Deputy Headteacher Sixth Form 3140 didier.adam
Michelle Alexander Lead Practitioner/Head of Social Science Faculty 3139  michelle.alexander
Collette Farley Asst. Headteacher/Teaching & Learning/ITT/Psychology/Sociology 3160  collette.farley
Ben Barton Assistant Headteacher Recruitment &Retention/Enrichment/6th Form 3143 ben.barton
Jenny Harriot Assistant Headteacher/Designated Safeguarding Lead 3161 jenny.harriott
Kerry Connor Lead Practitioner Catholic Ethos/Head of Year 11 3158 kerry.connor
Paul Williams Asst. Headtecaher/CPD/Student Leadership/Appraisal/Head of Music 3188 paul.williams
Tom Glavina Lead Practitioner Pupil Premium/NQT’s 3194 tom.glavina
Owen Nichols Assistant Headteacher/Teaching and Learning/KS3 Standards 3164 owen.nichols

Headteacher’s PA’s

Lydia Torch Headteacher’s PA 3122 lydia.torch
Rachel Martin Headteacher’s Assistant PA 3181 rachel.martin

Head of Years

Victoria Jefferies Head of Year 7/PE 3185 victoria.jefferies
Rachel O’Neill  Head of Year 8/Maths  3150 rachel.oneill
Anne-Lise Torode Head of Year 9/PE 3142 anne-lise.torode
Marcus Waltl Acting Head of Year 10/German 3186 marcus.waltl
Kerry Connor Head of Year 11/ Lead Practitioner Catholic Ethos 3158 kerry.connor
Fiona McDonnell Head of Year 12/Study Supervisor 3198 fiona.mcdonnell
Rosephine Fernandes Head of Year 13/Art 3193 rosephine.fernandes


Arts Faculty

Sarah Samuelson Acting Head of Arts Faculty/Head of Art 3191 sarah.samuelson
Rosephine Fernandes Art Teacher/Head of Year 12 3193 rosephine.fernandes
Agnieszka Ciechanowska Art Teacher   agnieszka.ciechanowska
Matthew Wootton Head of Drama 3189  matthew.wootton 
Paul Williams Asst. Headtecaher/CPD/Student Leadership/Appraisal/Head of Music 3188 paul.williams
Alexandra Maxwell Music Teacher   alexandra.maxwell
Katy Lees Music Teacher   katy.lees
Geoff Coates Technician for the Arts Faculty (Music, Art & Drama)   geoff.coates

English Faculty

Brendan Ryan Head of English 3127 brendan.ryan
Ellen Byrne English Teacher / Acting KS3 Co-ordinator   ellen.byrne
Chris Cook English / KS5 Language and Oxbridge Co-ordinator   christopher.cook
Andrea Hack English/KS5 Literature Co-ordinator   andrea.hack
Jonelle Hector English Teacher/ Enrichment Co-ordinator   jonelle.hector
Jane Lewis English Teacher   jane.lewis
Helen McCauley English /KS4 English Literature Co-ordinator   helen.mccauley
Patricia Preece English Intervention   patsy.preece
Roisin Kennedy English Teacher   roisin.kennedy
Polly Harrison Faculty Administrator/TA 3126 polly.harrison

Social Science Faculty

Michelle Alexander Lead Practitioner/Head of Social Science Faculty  3139 michelle.alexander

Health & Social Care/Psychology

Rachel Pugh Health and Social Care Teacher  3153 Rachel.pugh
Amy Spurr Head of Psychology  3178 amy.spurr
Collette Farley Asst. Headteacher/Psychology/Sociology 3160 collette.farley

Health and Well-being Faculty

Niall Campbell Head of Faculty Business Studies and Economics 3131 niall.campbell
Cillian Mac Sweeney Business Studies and Economics Teacher 3131 cillian.macsweeney

Technology Faculty

Paula-Lee Thomas Head of Design Technology 3128  paulalee.thomas
Michelangelo Arteaga Technology Technician   michelangelo.arteaga

ICT and Digital Learning

Halima Bhayat Head of Computing/Director of Digital Learning 3131 halima.bhayat
Alison Simmons Computing Teacher   alison.simmons


Caitriona Doyle Director of Sports 3175 caitriona.doyle
Rachel Corrigan PE / Sports Co-ordinator / Duke of Edinburgh   rachel.corrigan
Vicki Jefferies Head of Year 7/PE  3142 victoria.jefferies
Anne-Lise Torode Head of Year 9/PE/KS3 Co-ordinator 3185 anne-lise.torode


Rachel Hoyles Head of Food 3128 rachel.hoyles

Humanities Faculty

Debra Beale                Head of Humanities/Head of Government and Politics   3170  debra.beale


Eoin Kelly Associate Head Standards 3135 eoin.kelly
Maria Hoban Acting Head of Geography 3198 maria.hoban
Laura Grant Geography Teacher   laura.grant
Joanne Brett Geography Teacher (Maternity cover 1/9/18 – 5/4/19)            joanne.brett
Roisin Grace School Direct Geography Teacher   roisin.grace
Emma Nichols Head of Geography (Maternity Leave - April 2019)   emma.nichols

History/Government & Politics

Debra Beale Head of Humanities/Head of Government and Politics 3170 debra.beale
Julie Haunstetter Head of History   julie.haunstetter
John Lester History Teacher   john.lester
Luke Satterthwaite History Teacher/ KS3 Co-ordinator   luke.satterthwaite
Lara Ridpath Head of History (Maternity Leave- Dec 2018)   lara.ridpath

Mathematics Faculty

Matthew Collins Head of Mathematics 3134 matthew.collins
Rayife Atasoy Mathematics/Intervention 3134 rayife.atasoy
Louise Diviney (Backhouse) Mathematics Teacher/Enrichment Co-ordinator   louise.backhouse
Archana Floyd Mathematics Teacher/KS5 Co-ordinator   archana.floyd
Angela Boraston Mathematics Teacher   angela.boraston
Rachel Donohue Mathematics Teacher /Key Stage 4 Co-ordinator   rachel.donohue
Seoighe Kearney Mathematics Teacher/Year 7-9 Co-ordinator   seoighe.kearney
Georgia McNichol Mathematics Teacher   georgia.mcnichol
Rachel O’Neill Head of Year 8/Mathematics Teacher   rachel.oneill
Isadora Smith School Direct Maths Teacher   isadora.smith
Nerys Aberdeen Mathematics Teacher (Maternity Leave- October 2018)   nerys.aberdeen


Melanie Guillet-Siad Head of Modern Foreign Languages/Head of French 3129 melanie.guillet
Marcus Waltl Acting Head of Year 10/Head of German 3186 marcus.waltl
Didier Adam Deputy Headteacher Sixth Form/MFL 3140 didier.adam
Nuria Castro Modern Foreign Languages /Head of Spanish 3129  nuria.castro
Zoe Antell Modern Foreign Languages - German/French/Aspirations Co-ordinator   zoe.antell
Rachael Gilmore Assistant Lead Inclusion/French and Spanish  3168 rachael.gilmore
Margaret Kenny Modern Foreign Languages – French   margaret.kenny
Jenny Harriott Assistant Headteacher/Designated Safeguarding Lead/French & Spanish 3161 jenny.harriott


Sulumenty Odhiambo Head of RE 3154 sulumenty.odhiambo
Kerry Connor Head of Year 11/Lead Practitioner Catholic Ethos/RE 3158 kerry.connor
Ronan Preastuin RE Teacher   ronan.preastuin
Deirdre Mahony RE Teacher   deirdre.mahony
Ciara O’Brien RE Teacher   ciara.obrien


Oliver Fitt Head of Science 3159 oliver.fitt
Alexander Rushforth Head of Physics   alexander.rushforth
Matthew Breese Biology Teacher   matthew.breese
Keryn Gallacher Chemistry Teacher   keryn.gallacher
Meera James Chemistry Teacher   meera.james
Gwen Le Doaré Head of Chemistry   gwenael.ledoare
Caroline McColgan Science Teacher   caroline.mccolgan
Zara Corbett Science Teacher   zara.corbett
Vimal Gopee Physics Teacher   vimal.gopee
Ben Anderson School Direct Biology Teacher   ben.anderson
Geraldine Taylor Science / KS3 Co-ordinator   geraldine.taylor
Michel Kendja Principal Lab Technician 3165 michel.kendja
Nadia Hasan Science Technician 3157 nadia.hassan
Nafeesah Siddique Science Technician   nafeesah.siddique


SEN Department

Jennifer Delhoum SENCO 3132 jennifer.delhoum
Joanne Thompson Deputy SENCO English Teacher 3195  joanne.thompson
Camilla Johnson SEN Reading Intervention teacher   camilla.johnson
Roberta Cousin SEN Administrator- B5 3147 roberta.cousin
Ciara Laker HLTA   ciara.laker
Gina Lamb Dixon HLTA/Speech and Language Co-ordinator   gina.lamb
Maureen Cecil HLTA– English Department/Homework Club Year 11   maureen.cecil
Christiana Heigl Learning Support Assistant – Science Department   christiane.heigl
Sandra Mallet Learning Support Assistant – English Department   sandra.mallet
Samantha McDonald Learning Support Assistant – Homework Club Year 7 & 8   samantha.mcdonald
Heather Smith Learning Support Assistant - Maths Department   heather.smith
Theresa Steedman Learning Support Assistant - Science Department   theresa.steedman
Patricia Smith Learning Support Assistant – Maths Department   patricia.smith
Fay Bishop Learning Support Assistant/ Homework Club-Year 11   fay.bishop


Malgorzata Lasocka ESOL Teacher 3196 malgorzata.lasocka


Jenny Harriott Assistant Headteacher/Designated Safeguarding Lead/French & Spanish 3161  jenny.harriott
Katarzyna Snarska Well-being Co-ordinator 3197 katarzyna.snarska
Rachael Gilmore Assistant Lead Inclusion/French 3168 rachael.gilmore

Pastoral Assistants

Jane Andrews Upper School Pastoral Assistant 3179 jane.andrews
Sarah McCourt (Pearce) Lower School Pastoral Assistant 3182 sarah.pearce


Paula Crafts Cover Administrator 3155 paula.crafts
Angela Scott Cover Supervisor 3156 angela.scott
Bernadette Young Attendance Officer/Office Manager/Cover Supervisor (PM) 3144 bernadette.young


Claudine Hughes Human Resources Advisor 3130

Finance Office

Alison Silke Finance Manager 3136 alison.silke
Jackie Mowatt Finance Officer 3136 jackie.mowatt
Salvina Barcellona DK Reception / Admissions Officer 3133 salvina.barcellona
Jivya Sudra Finance Administrator 3163 jivya.sudra
Sheryll Ward Assistant Finance Officer 3137 sheryll.ward
Cherie Mogg Accounts Assistant 3137 cherie.mogg

Staff Services

Jenny Ridge Admin Assistant 3151 jenny.ridge

Students Services

Salvina Barcellona DK Reception / Admissions Officer 3167 salvina.barcellona
Sylvia Brown Student Services 3120 sylvia.brown
Tania Annesley Student Services 3121 tania.annesley
Bernadette Young Attendance Officer / Office Manager 3144 bernadette.young

Site Team

Geoff Wilson Senior Site Manager 3162

Graham Atkinson Assistant Site Manager
Andrew Johnstone Assistant Site Manager
Henry Fadden Assistant Site Manager (Lettings 07514 046229) 3113

Health and Safety

Kosta Karagyozov Health and Safety Officer 3162  kosta.karagyozov

Learning Resource

Emily Spencer  Learning Resource Assistant (Librarian) 3174 emily.spencer

Sixth Form Support Team

Fiona McDonnell Head of Year 12/Study Supervisor 3198 fiona.mcdonnell
Rosephine Fernandes Head of Year 13/Art 3193 rosephine.fernandes
Mirta Tunon Sixth Form Study Supervisor Year 12 3190 mirta.tunon
Gale Williams Sixth Form Registrar 3199 gale
Polly Milne Sixth Form Study Supervisor Year 12 3190  polly.milne


Ed Okungbowa Data Analyst and Reporting Manager 3148 edward.okungbowa
Nicholas Creasey Examinations Officer 3146 nicholas.creasey


Shirley Ward Careers Advisor (KS3 & KS4) 3172 shirley.ward
Lorraine Petheram  Sixth Form Careers Advisor 3171 lorraine.petheram
Lisa Thefaut  Director of Extended Learning  3177 lisa.thefaut
Marion Lyons Careers Lead/Extended Learning  3131 marion.lyons


William Lindsay Catering Manager 3138 william.lindsay
Joyce Leslie Assistant Cook    
Jennifer Brown Catering Assistant    
Tracey Cooke Catering Assistant    
Agnieska Pierwiecka Catering Assistant    
Nancy Sloan Catering Assistant    
Reni Seldarova Catering Assistant    


Alana Murphy  Youth Minister School Chaplain 3149 alana.murphy


IT Technicians

George Hanel Managing Director ID3 3145 george.hanel
Jodie Hanel IT Technician/Laptop 3192
Alan Rivers  IT Technician 3192
Chetan Pithadia IT Technician 3192
Johanna Tosse Caipe IT Technician 3192


Emma Smedley Marketing & Communications Officer 3180 emma.smedley

Mid Day Supervisors

Jacqueline Collis Senior Midday Supervisor   jacqueline.collis
Irene Furlong Midday Supervisor    
Debra Lamond Midday Supervisor    
Sumathy Vijendra Midday Supervisor    
Jaid Haynes Midday Supervisor    
Vida Gyamfi Midday Supervisor    
Yukiko Mccloughlin Midday Supervisor    

Police Officer

PC Daniel Hayward Police Officer 3141 daniel.hayward

Clerk to the Governors

Faye McGillian Clerk to Governors   faye.mcgillian

Chair of Governors

Clive Weeks  Clerk to Governors   clive.weeks
Thought for the Week
“You will never be happy if your happiness depends on getting solely what you want. Change the focus.”
Venerable Fulton Sheen