The Rise of Populism..

On Monday 11 November we hosted a conference on "The Rise of Populism in a Globalised World" for 125 sixth-formers from the Ursuline, Wimbledon College, Mulberry School, St Philomena's and Raynes Park High School.

The speakers addressed the challenges which globalisation and populism raise, and the students were encouraged to consider how best to meet those challenges. They looked at how globalisation provides opportunities for greater trade and collaboration between countries, and also some of the issues which global trade presents from a trade union perspective.

We discussed the impact of populism on minority rights and the threat it can pose to a fully-functioning democracy.  In the light of next month's election we discussed what qualities we look for in leaders and the question of how politicians should best communicate with the electorate.  It was a great day with much debate and a lot for everyone to reflect on.

Some students comments included;

"Very informative event and a wide range of topics covered.."

"There was a lot of participation which I enjoyed.."

"It was good as they (the speakers) kept us engaged.."

"Eye opening.. and I learned a lot about political views"

"Multiple opportunities for discussion.."

"It taught me what globalisation and populism was.."


We are grateful to the educational charity TEAMGlobal and thank our speakers for their support of the day.

Chris Weavers, NASUWT

John Wilson, Team Global

Dr Eamonn Butler, Adam Smith Institute


Thought for the Week
God will give you the necessary strength, provided you do what you can.
Prologue to the Counsels/16