Crown Court Judge comes to Ursuline Sixth Form

Honoured to host the incredible judge Nicola Williams at our school! 

Nicola Williams, a British barrister and Crown Court Judge, shared her journey as the first Service Complaints Ombudsman for the UK Armed Forces, fighting against racism in the military. Her impactful career includes roles as Complaints Commissioner for the Cayman Islands and at the Independent Police Complaints Commission. A Fellow of the RSA, former Chair of the BBC Regional Advisory Committee, and one of the 100 most influential Black people in the U.K, Nicola's achievements are truly inspiring! 

Nicola is also the author of 'Without Prejudice,' a powerful novel highlighting the experiences of being a black female lawyer in Britain. Republished by Penguin Books in 2020, it's part of a series curated by Bernardine Evaristo of 'lost and hard-to-find' books by Black writers.

Nicole is a former Ursuline Convent Guyana student.

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Thought for the Week
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