“We get so many opportunities to fulfil our potential in and outside the classroom”. Student


Every student is set a minimum target standard in each of their subjects. This grade is based on prior attainment at the start of each Key Stage. In the absence of prior attainment data, baseline tests are used to determine targets.

Termly reports to parents monitor achievement, progress and effort.

Parents can access their daughter’s progress report every two weeks using their password to the school e-Portal, updated half termly.

Regular academic monitoring and guidance by Form Teachers, Subject Teachers, Heads of Department and Heads of Year support students to stay on track.

Students are grouped according to prior attainment in English, French and Mathematics. In Science this occurs in Year 8 onwards.

In the Foundation subjects students are taught in mixed ability groups, teachers identify groups of individuals who need additional or different activities to challenge and aid learning.

The Learning Support staff work closely with Subject Teachers to provide extra support for students.

The reading intervention programme helps the development of reading accuracy, fluency and comprehension.

Homework clubs are available after school.

Lunchtime clubs for vulnerable students are available to enhance social skills and inclusion.

Student profiles are used to inform all staff of specific student strengths/weaknesses and an understanding of any learning barriers.

Close working relationships between home and school are fostered through regular communication.

Stretch and Challenge Programme is a specific programme tailored for girls in years 7-11 whose thirst for learning extends beyond the extensive offers of school life.

Every year the curriculum is revised to ensure the needs of all students are met.