Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

In line with our mission and values, our priority is to make Ursuline High a fairer and more inclusive place to work and study, with belonging and racial justice at its heart, offering dignity and respect to every child, member of staff and parent in our school community. We accept that breaking down long-standing racist inequalities will take time, and this is an ongoing commitment.

Following a review of the overall commitment of the school to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI), by Professor Paul Miller, we are delighted that the impact against our Strategic Action Plan has been recognised (see report by Professor Miller, May 2021 below). Since the Review, we have embraced Professor Miller’s recommended next steps and can confidently say we are making significant progress with each one including 1) Establishing a clear EDI communications plan, 2) Developing an integrated EDI Strategy & Action Plan and 3) Consolidating and recalibrating the existing Work Packages. 

I am delighted to share below the results of our targets, for the academic year 2022-2023.

I, together with my senior leaders and staff, am committed to providing an inclusive culture and to removing barriers to success. I thank my SLT, EDI Task Force and all staff for their continued hard work to ensure we deliver (and exceed) our EDI Strategic Plan.

For more information or to discuss in further detail please contact my PA, Lydia Torch.

Julia Waters


Equity Diversity and Inclusion dashboard

Equalities Targets 2022-23

1.  To increase numbers of students in Year 7-11 agreeing that staff know and understand their ethnic identity from 60% to 80%

2.  100% of students know how to report an incident of Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence

3.  99% of students have a better understanding of how historic and current LGBTQI figures in society are role models and the journey they have been on to bring about equality and change

EDI Report, Professor Paul Miller, May 2021
Equalities Diversity Cohesion Policy March 2020_