Oxford Law Acceptance!

Congratulations to Sophia on gaining a place at Oxford to study Law!

Sophia is currently on a gap year and will be off to Oxford in October. She is spending her gap year completing internships and work experience to grow her network in the legal space.

Sophia studied English Language, Psychology, and Economics at A Level at Ursuline Sixth Form. She hopes to pursue a career as a solicitor within commercial law, and ultimately, become partner in her dream law firm.

“I applied to Oxford Law mainly because of the tutorial style and teaching of the course...”

“There was never a doubt in my mind that Law was the course for me. It combines all my favourite aspects of learning, from writing, to analysis and deep thought.”

“I am most looking forward to meeting my tutors at Oxford and being taught by masters in the field of Law.”

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Thought for the Week
God will give you the necessary strength, provided you do what you can.
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