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The worldwide family of Ursuline schools and sisters

We are delighted to be part of a worldwide network of Ursuline schools and work with our students to deepen our links with other Ursuline students, both here in the UK, and across the world. Every year we take a trip to Ursuline Dallas where our students stay with host families and learn more about life in the US which they love! We collaborate with the Ursulines in the US on other projects- in particular projects rewarding and celebrating our students’ achievements both in living out Serviam and in sport and other disciplines. This year, two of our Year 12s (Eirinn and Charlotte) won awards for service to others in a awards programme run by the American schools. 

And here is a film Ursuline Dallas made to congratulate us on our 125th anniversary!

In 2022 we celebrated our 130th Anniversary!


Ursulines in the UK Education Committee

The Ursuline Education Committee brings together staff to share ideas across the schools and has also started to provide opportunities for our students to meet. Most recently, students enjoyed a visit to Wintershall (pictured below), and the Centenary celebration.

Wintershall June 2023 2


Ursuline Links- living out Serviam in the UK

We also take part in the Ursuline Links project which is a volunteer programme sponsored by the Ursuline sisters. It gives opportunities to students from all the British Ursuline schools to take part in voluntary projects to support those in need in the UK and abroad. There are five Ursuline schools who take part- Ilford, Brentwood, Westgate, Forest Gate and us in Wimbledon. 

The Ursuline Links gives the students a great chance to serve others and to get to know other Ursuline students. They pray, work and relax together and, in service of those they work with, they learn how to put their faith into action.  This year we have 10 students taking part in two projects and they are very excited to take part. In preparation for this they attend monthly meetings with the Ursuline Links leader Cleo Gammon and they will attend a training day and a Discipleship day in the Summer Term.

The two projects are:

  1. A Day Camp project for children aged 7 to 11 in Forest Gate London which is a residential project, with students staying in the Ursuline House in Ilford.
  2. The London Social Justice Project in which students help with food banks, refugee centres and centres for the homeless and the elderly.

Each student has to write a letter of application. Here are some of what our students said in those letters:

“To me there is nothing more rewarding and inspiring to be able to not only teach the children but also to learn from them. I would like to be part of the “Be the change” project as I believe it will enable me to form effective engagement, good communication skills and listening.”

“I enjoy working with others, especially young children and forming close connections and believe that the ‘Be the Change’ project will allow me to fulfil that.”

"We are excited to take part this year and are sure it will be an amazing experience for all the students involved. Thank you to Cleo and Sr Kathleen and all the Ursuline staff and sisters who make these opportunities possible."


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Year 12 Ursuline Links programme

To find out more about the programme visit the Ursuline Links website.

How we work with Ursuline Education Network

Are part of the Ursuline Education Community in the UK and the Ursuline Education Network in the USA.

International Links

We also have variety of international visits support students in specific curriculum areas, making a crucial link between the classroom and the outside world.

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