Unlocking Property Challenge

This half term Year 12 students had the opportunity to visit the Berkeley Homes at Wimbledon Hill Park to see a property development project first hand. This followed on from a careers talk they received from Berkeley last half term on how to establish a career in the field of property development.

They then took part in the Berkeley Homes Unlocking Property Development Challenge! Students were split into teams and then given a typical task of a specific department in property development to solve. They then presented their solutions back to the group!

The departments and task and tasks undertaken were as follows;

Land Acquisition and Planning Brief:

The Wimbledon Hill Park site has been brought to your attention – the large size of the site in the middle of suburban London makes for a great development site.

What makes this a good site and which use classes should be considered? 

Technical Brief: 

1. Listen and read through each of the slides in the presentation, bearing in mind that Technical are at the ‘hub’ of the development process. This means they liaise with all departments throughout the life cycle of the project.

2. Using the laminated cards, put the stakeholders in a circle around the technical card and work out which two cards are the link between technical and each stakeholder. One card will be what technical gives to the stakeholder and the other will be what they get from them.

3. Briefly summarise your reasoning for choosing the links between each relationship in a 5 minute presentation.

Construction/ Commerical Brief: 

Your team is working in the construction department and your boss has asked you to tender for and plan a construction programme for the kitchen of an upcoming project.

Sales and Marketing Brief

Task 1: Using the images from the visual bank, develop an Instagram captions for the images for the Wimbledon Hill Park development.

Task 2: It is customary for the sales and marketing department to gift memorable items the real estate agents so that they remember our scheme over other schemes which they have to sell. Once you have spent some time researching the Wimbledon Hill Park development, suggest a gift idea that is relevant to the development and the Berkley brand.

A huge thank you to Berkeley Homes for taking the time to deliver this session to our students- they certainly found it beneficial!

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Thought for the Week
Be gentle and compassionate.
2nd Counsel/1