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UHS Careers Programme

Ursuline High School, Wimbledon works hard to ensure that all our students have the opportunity to make informed decisions about their future. We aim to help develop students’ knowledge, understanding, confidence and skills so that they make well informed, thought through choices and plans.

The Careers Programme is designed to meet the needs of all students. It is differentiated and personalised to ensure progression through activities that are appropriate to students' stages of career learning, planning and development.

All students provide evaluations and feedback for any Careers activity they participate in. This is essential to ensure we can review and amend sessions accordingly and also enables us to measure the impact these sessions have. Our students Careers journey is summarised below: Year 7 through to Year 13.

Core Careers Activity: Summary of Programme


Year Group Letter Topic Platform  Programme Summary
Year 7 C 

Can I be …?


What can I be?

Students start to explore and recognise their learning styles, achievements, skills and interests and begin to understand how they match to the world of work and in particular industry sectors, job families and different job roles 

Year 8 A



Aspire to any career

Students begin to understand how their learning styles, preferences and interests are linked to a list of careers. Students also start to explore the link between subject choices and careers and the qualifications necessary for their career interests. 

Year 9 R



Research From School to Career

Students research jobs and career pathways including qualification routes and how GCSE subject choices link to different career pathways. The students also explore employability skills that are valued in the workplace and gained from subjects studied alongside extra-curriculum activities.

Year 10 E



Explore Careers

This year is pivotal in preparing for Post 16 destinations. The students are introduced toUNIFROG a careers and Post 16-18 destination platform on their taster day for sixth form in the summer term. All students have an interview with a member of SLT where their academic progress is discussed and an outline of their future pathway. Various employability workshops are run by external trainers to develop student’s employability skills. 

Year 11



Expand knowledge of your skills, your future options and careers available. 

Students continue to use UNIFROG to research pathways and career destinations Students also have an interview with UHS Careers Adviser to narrow down interests and formulate a tailored careers plan considering qualification pathways. Students also participate in a ‘My Futures Conference’ hearing from a range of industry experts about school leaver and apprenticeship opportunities and complete a work experience placement.

Year 12 R



Students are encouraged to start to make informed and realistic choices about further education and employment through reflecting on their attributes and career aspirations considering qualification pathways. Special events and external guest speakers are arranged during the school year as well as work experience and individual careers interviews.    

Year 13 S

Start your journey


Start the journey - from applying all you have learnt to choose your next steps after school. UCAS, Apprenticeships & School Leaver Programmes, Gap Year, Portfolio Planning, 1-to-1 Careers Interviews, Presentations.

Year 7-13 Career Programmes

Year 7 - Careers Programme Transitional Document

Year 8 - Careers Programme Transitional Document

Year 9 - Careers Programme Transitional Document

Year 10 - Careers Programme Transitional Document

Year 11 - Careers Programme Transitional Document

Year 12 - Careers Programme Transitional Document

Year 13 - Careers Programme Transitional Document


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Student Career Journey

We are committed to ensuring students experience a full, varied and interesting Careers journey. To have the opportunity to explore job families, their own interests, skills, passions, work preferences and understand the wealth of jobs and education available to them once they leave school. All students provide evaluations and feedback for any Careers activity they participate in. This is essential to ensure we can review and amend sessions accordingly and also enables us to measure the impact these sessions have. We also actively track and encourage student involvement in our Career programme and use this information to inform future choices, resources and events we run.

Student Support

All students receive;

Personal guidance and 1 to 1 Careers and Sixth Form interviews

Dedicated Careers sessions (in the PSHE programme) to explore the world of work and their options and what opportunities are available to them.

Access to Unifrog – where they (and you) can explore careers, employability skills, CV writing and future destinations.

The opportunity to meet with employers every year through lunchtime and after school talks and different dedicated year group activities.

The opportunity to link what they learn in their subjects to how this applies in the world of work

Access to meet with the Careers Lead, Careers Advisor and Sixth Form Careers Advisor at any time throughout the year for advice, information and guidance

Ability to use the well-resourced Careers library available to them in the LRC.

Information about the employment market – local and national

Careers Evaluation

All careers events and activities have student evaluations completed and impact measured and reviewed regularly.

Careers CEIAG Policy

For further information on the school’s careers policy, please click on the link below

CEIAG Policy 2024
UHS Provider Access Policy 23-24




Review Date of Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG).

December 2024

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For any further inquires please contact

Assistant Headteacher T Levels and Careers

Mr Ben Barton

0203 908 3143

Careers Lead

Mr Evgeny Vvedenskiy

KS3 & KS4 Careers Co-ordinator

Ms Polly Milne

Careers Advisor 

Ms Maria Hoban

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