Chemistry in Action

On a sunny morning, Mr Le Doaré took his Year 12 students to the National Gallery.

He was their guide across the gallery, stopping at 20 key paintings, describing how colours arise, how pigments interact with oils and how Analytical Chemists can help artists restore those marvellous treasures: chemists may analyse small samples of paint to identify pigments and medium but they let the artists to apply the paint!

In the same week, 8000 students from 540 schools took part in the Cambridge Chemistry Challenge.

Fifteen students from the Ursuline took part in this gruelling competition. Across the nation, 46% of students did not even get a certificate! Ten of our students got a Bronze certificate and Lucinda got a Silver certificate. Well done to all!

Thought for the Week
God will give you the necessary strength, provided you do what you can.
Prologue to the Counsels/16