Extended Learning

“The Extended Learning programme really motivates students by showing them the endless opportunities available to them in their future.” Parent


Corporate Visits and Extended Projects

Extended learning enables all our students to understand the relevance of what they learn in their lessons to their future and gives them the knowledge, skills and motivation to succeed. Our aim is that students leave the Ursuline as young women who have the confidence, skills, attitude and knowledge for success. Learning from female role models, including our amazing alumnae and professionals from all walks of life, develops students’ skills for employment and raises their aspirations. Extended Learning is achieved by providing opportunities and enrichment across the curriculum and year groups through a range of strategies from conferences in school and elsewhere, corporate visits, speakers in school and our SERVIAM and careers programmes. Students also hugely benefit from the Ursuline’s extensive partnerships with organisations such as the Women of Achievement Ambassadors Programme, Covent Garden London, Wimbledon Bookfest and TEAM (Global).

Careers Networking, Panels And Seminars

Across this programme, students engage with professionals from diverse organisations; lawyers, doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, scientists, women from business and banking, engineers, journalists from TV and print media and many more.

We welcome Alumnae and as many business volunteers as possible to support student learning and talk at these events. Please get in touch if you are able to help.

For any further inquires please contact

Director of Extended Learning 

Ms Polly Harrison

0203 908 3177


Thought for the Week
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