Centre of Excellence!

Ursuline is delighted to announce that the DFE has awarded the school 650k to refurbish 5 classrooms to deliver Business and Nursing T levels in September 2022.

Ursuline is developing a T Level centre of excellence hub in South West London building on Digital production and Laboratory Science to enable Young Londoners to access both higher level degree apprenticeships and university in their specialist fields.   

Interested students or career advisors please contact Ben Barton;  Ben.Barton@ursulinehigh.merton.sch.uk

Also check out T Level Hub: www.ursulinehigh.merton.sch.uk/sixth-form/curriculum/t-level-hub/

Thought for the Week
God will give you the necessary strength, provided you do what you can.
Prologue to the Counsels/16