Social Mobility Conference

Led by experts in the field, Year 12 students from the Ursuline and Wimbledon College explored the extent, and causes of inequality and lack of social mobility in the UK today and the part that our Education System has to play in promoting social mobility.

Together they developed action plans designed to ensure that every child, whatever the circumstances their birth, she or he can have an equal opportunity for success. Speakers included David Johnston OBE, Chief Executive of the Social Mobility FoundationKiri Tunks, President of the NUT (NUE), Dr Jamie Whyte, Director of Research from the Institute of Economic AffairsDr Matt Bullimore from Churchill College, Cambridge and Fr Michael Holman SJProfessor Claire Ozanne, Deputy Provost, Roehampton University also supported students’ learning.

The Conference was held in partnership with TEAM (GLOBAL). This conference is organised in partnership with The European-Atlantic Movement a non-political educational charity. TEAM Global was founded over fifty years ago to promote understanding of how countries could cooperate for their mutual benefit, focusing on the whole global community and on issues such as human rights, democracy, the environment, the economy and international development.

Team Global

“I now understand what social mobility is, how it is measured and its importance to our society and that there is so much more than just school determines how bright your future might be.” 


“I gained new perspectives… hearing from great speakers who are working towards greater social mobility." 



Thought for the Week
God will give you the necessary strength, provided you do what you can.
Prologue to the Counsels/16