We Want To Hear From You


Got a skill you want to share? Work in an interesting or evolving career field? Simply want to let students know how great working in your career field really is? Or do you know someone who does?

We encourage all parents / carers and friends of the school to to get in touch and volunteer to deliver or take part in careers events.

Find out more in our Careers Hub here.


UHS Alumnae

“Once an Ursuline, always an Ursuline, today, tomorrow and always”

Our Ursuline Alumnae are fantastic at offering student support through career talks, mentoring and work experience and our students love it! 

Did you attend Ursuline High School?

Let us know. Take a look at how you can join our UHS Alumnae community here!

Successful career, specialist knowledge or simply life experience you could offer?

We would love to hear from you.

About to leave Sixth Form and join the world of university, apprenticeships or work?

Stay in Touch!




For any further inquires please contact

Director of Extended Learning

Mrs Polly Harrison 

0203 908 3177


Careers Lead

Ms Lorraine Petheram

0203 908 3171

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