A Good Time To Be A Girl?

"Take it one step at a time, build confidence, find a work culture that suits you, get some allies, ASK for an opportunity- don't expect people will just see that you want that pay rise, promotion or new opportunity- it's not pushy- don't be afraid!"  Dame Helena Morrisey

Dame Helena Morrisey (Personal Investor at LGIM, founder of the 30% Club, Chair of The Diversity Project, Mother of 9 and now Author) and Ian (who previously specialised in Engineering before moving into Finance) and who is currently the Financial Investment Director at Unbiased Financial Group in Wimbledon were very generous in giving up their time to inspire and advise Year 12 in a fantastic careers session on 15th January!

On the 'key' to being successful Dame Helena commented...

“Sometimes it’s ok to take chances and leap before you look.. be yourself and don’t conform to the status quo.. take it all one step at a time..”

 On skills and qualities needed for success in the workplace Ian commented..

"Passion, energy and drive (are important), as well as doing something you enjoy!"

"Go out there and build something!"

Dame Helena left students with copies of her newly released book 'A Good Time to be a Girl' (William Collins, £14.99) and Ian kindly gifted students USB's with 'Hints and Tips' on a making your way into a career in finance and lots of other handy career guidance. 

A big thank you to you both!


Thought for the Week
God will give you the necessary strength, provided you do what you can.
Prologue to the Counsels/16