Our Links

The school is an energetic part of a large local community: students, parents, staff, other local students and local people. We also recognise that we work in a new modern global economy. Our motto Serviam - I will serve is reflected in our extensive and growing commitment to serve the wider community beyond our school gates. We recognise our responsibility where possible, to use our resources effectively for the benefit of all.

Performances and events such as the school production, the St Cecilia Concert, Art Exhibitions and Multicultural Evening provide opportunities for parents and students to celebrate both the arts and our diverse community.

We are continuously developing links both in the local and international community. The school has developed links with a number of community organisations including the Merton Refugee Association. Students are regularly involved in our school parish, the Sacred Heart, and serve their local community in a number of charitable projects with local schools, homeless charities and the elderly. Our motto Serviam - I will serve, is at the heart of our school ethos.

Recently we have raised money for a host of charities and causes including Save the Children, Wimbledon Food Bank, Lunchbowl Network, Grenfell Tower,Young RootsSpear London and FORJimmy. In the UK our students are involved in supporting primary school children in some of their lessons as well as during sports events within Merton. International causes are also close to our heart, with students having raised money and donated notebooks to support disadvantaged young women at University and provide literacy classes in Sudan. 

Sixth Formers volunteer at Silversurfers – ICT lessons to older adults, intergenerational lunches and an annual Christmas 'tea party' for guests from local residential care homes. Students also have the opportunity to develop their skills and offer Serviam through links with Perseid, a local school for children with profound and multiple learning difficulties and through a Year 8 project in partnership with the Institute of Philanthropy. While Year 9 students take part in Generations Question Together events. By ensuring an inclusive school environment and building links with the local and wider community, we strive to create a school where different backgrounds and circumstances are appreciated and valued.

Ursuline Links

Ursuline Links UK is a volunteer program created by the Ursuline Sisters. It aims to give students opportunities to be of service in the UK and abroad. Through working within all the Ursuline schools in the UK it enables the students to meet and work with one another, as well as giving them the opportunity to connect with Ursuline Students from across the globe.

At the heart of Ursuline Links is SERVIAM - the value of service, which is the purpose of every project run; from providing a Christmas tea party to the local community, to rebuilding houses in New Orleans. The projects give young people the chance to work together for the benefit of others. It allows them to work, pray, relax and have a good time together as well as developing their understanding of how we embody Gospel values in our lives today.


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