Parent Portals

We use several portals to support our students’ learning journeys. A full list is below including a description and link to the login pages. Please note that individual parent login details are shared separately. User Guides are linked at the bottom of the page.

Arbor is used to track student records, timetables, reports, and behaviour.

Evolve is a platform that we use to request parent consent for school trips. Parents and carers will receive an email link and instructions as to what to do to provide or decline consent.

ParentPay allows you to credit money to your child’s account, obtain balance reports, view the weekly menu, see what your child has ordered etc.

SchoolCloud is an online portal that we use to book academic review meetings, and to also host all online parent/teacher meetings. Parents and carers will be emailed with instructions including their unique booking code when required throughout the year

Microsoft Teams is the application we use to host our online parent presentation meetings. Teams meetings are accessible via a computer web browser or mobile devise, via the Teams app. (you will need to have the Teams app installed on your mobile). If you encounter any technical issues or you cannot attend the live meeting, please do not worry, a recording of the meeting will be made available. 

Weduc is our communications tool (app and web portal) which parents are invited to enrol on to receive communications from the school, in addition to being able to report an absence, and view historical absences, timetables, our calendar, and other quick links. Whilst Weduc has many benefits it is not mandatory; parents can receive emails to their email mailbox if that is their preference. Detailed information and an FAQ (see below) are shared with parents when their child joins the school.

Portal Logins

Further information including login details is emailed to parents when required. Parents will receive this email via Weduc if they are enrolled to use Weduc and if not to their email mailbox.

Parent Guides

See the links below for further guidance on our Portals. If you need any additional help please do not hesitate to contact us.

How to join a Teams meeting from the app and web portal

Getting started with Arbor

How to attend SchoolCloud appointments over video call

Parents’ Guide for Booking SchoolCloud Appointment
Weduc FAQs
Thought for the Week
Be very careful never to complain or grumble or speak ill of others.
3rd Counsel/9