Student Voice

Students need to be empowered to propose and develop enterprising ideas to support the learning of all. As advocates for their own and others’ needs, students can increase their confidence and motivation and develop their leadership skills.

Our elected School Council plays an extremely active part in school life. It is the responsibility of the Council to initiate ideas to support students’ well-being and learning, respond to proposals from the Senior Leadership Team and raise issues and concerns. School Councillors also interview teaching candidates and represent the school at different events. Two members are elected as representative for the Merton Youth Parliament. 

“I really love being part of the Environmental Committee.. it’s exciting to be a part making important changes.. such as our brand new vegetable garden!” Student

Current School Council projects include an equality action group, a road safety campaign in partnership with Transport For London and a ‘one use’ plastic campaign.

For any further inquires please contact

Acting Assistant Headteacher Behaviour, Attitude and Catholic Ethos

Ms Kerry Connor

0203 908 3158

Thought for the Week
God will provide wonderfully.
5th Counsel/31