Pastoral Care

We really do care for each and everyone of our students and we ensure that their individual needs are known and met. When you start at the Ursuline you will have a team that you can access to support you with any worries or anxieties you may have about school or outside of school.

Our pastoral care starts with your tutor that you see daily and discuss tasks around mindfulness, wellbeing and respect. Further support is provided by your pastoral support assistant that works alongside your Head of year to give guidance and can help find out the right support for you from organisation skills to friendship concerns. Beyond that our focus on health and wellbeing is at the forefront of our curriculum and PSHEC with your tutor is an excellent way to express and develop your knowledge on physical and mental wellbeing as well has how to have successful relationships. 

To support the wellbeing of students with in our school we offer referrals to the following; Qualified School counsellor, Wellbeing coordinator that you can talk to if you are feeling like you need a better routine or you are spending too much time on social media, School Nurse, mentoring from older students.

“The Ursuline really encourages us to become strong, independent women. Staff are concerned with developing and caring for the whole person as well as achieving the best academic results.”  Student

Mental Health Trailblazers

Our focus on Wellbeing is further supported by being part of the South West London Mental health Trailblazer. This partnership provides mental health support teams that work with students and their parents with the aim of ensuring they are well equipped to have healthy and honest conversations about emotional wellbeing – as well as connecting them to local services. This has enabled us to develop the services we have on offer at the Ursuline such as; A clinical psychologist, an Emotional wellbeing nurse and Education Well-being practitioners who focus on sleep hygiene, low mood and anxiety issues.

For more ways in which we further support students at Ursuline High School, Wimbledon, please also visit our Health and Wellbeing page here and our Safeguarding page here.

Thought for the Week
Be very careful never to complain or grumble or speak ill of others.
3rd Counsel/9