I understand how exciting and worrying a time it can be, as you start to navigate the secondary school process. There’s certainly lots to consider and the decision can be a weighty one.

An Ursuline student is committed to her faith and encouraged to live out our core value of Serviam, ‘I Will Serve’.

We are an inclusive and progressive all-girls’ Catholic school, where students feel safe and secure in their learning.

Whilst we are a Catholic school, we are a welcoming and enriching environment for all Faiths. 15% of our current year 7 cohort is non-Catholic.

Every aspect of our all-girls environment is designed with the needs of girls at its heart, ensuring our students can reach their full potential. There is vast evidence* that girls do better in exams at all-girls schools than mixed. You can read more about the merits of an all-girls education here.

We enjoy high standards of academic achievement, are proud of students’ exceptional progress and are one of the highest performing comprehensive schools in the country.

Students will be part of a national and global network of Ursuline schools sharing the common goals of delivering academic excellence, service in the spirit of St Angela Merici, and outstanding pastoral care in developing young women as leaders.

As well as enabling our students to achieve outstanding results, our mission is to develop students to be people of action who can make a difference in the school and beyond, who are kind, forgiving, generous of spirit and persevering.

At the Ursuline personal development, wellbeing and academic success is not compromised. It’s not an ‘either or’.

We offer sports, arts, language, cultural enrichment, careers, and leadership programmes, preparing students for life beyond school.

Our students work hard and are proud of their uniform and school values and show respect and courtesy to others always.

Our staff go above and beyond in providing the best possible teaching, pastoral care, and guidance for all our students to ensure all achieve success.

We know that choosing a secondary school for your daughter is an important and challenging decision. Should you entrust us, we will welcome her and do everything we can to ensure she is happy, thriving and reaching her potential.


Find out more.

To find out more about why Ursuline High School may be the right choice for your daughter you can read more about the merits of an all-girls education. Also, please take the time to look at our Prospectus and join one of our Open Events. Our Open Events are your opportunity to meet and hear from our Headteacher, take a tour of the school, and meet many other staff and existing students. In addition, we’ll share our Prospectus, enrichment & personal development programme, the application process and other important information.

How To Apply to Ursuline High School, Wimbledon

Please see our Year 7 Admissions 2024 Entry page, for guidance on our application process.

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