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Post 18 Destination Data

We are proud of our results with an impressive number of Ursuline Sixth Form students proceeding to higher education on completion of their A-Levels. This year 87% of our students were accepted into their first choice University! Studying a range of courses that include Medicine, Dentistry, Engineering, Law, Astrophysics, Midwifery, Neuroscience, Fine Art and Languages we are very proud to see 54% of our students moving on to Russell Group and 64% to Sutton Trust Top 30 Universities. 

This is well-matched with leavers following apprenticeship routes, who regularly secure impressive higher-level placements.

University Destinations 2020 -2021 

Student Name  University  Course 
Carina University of Westminster, London International Business
Tyria Queen Mary University of London Business Management
Donatella University of Southampton Business Management
Truly The University of Edinburgh Electronics and Electrical Engineering
Natalie Loughborough University Fine Art
Carmela University of Southampton Marketing
Jacqueline Aberystwyth university Law
Daniela Brunel University London Psychology
Ohemaa King's College London, University of London Medicine
Anna-Maria University of Surrey Biomedical Science
Michelle University of Roehampton Biomedical Science
Renae University of Nottingham Politics and Economics
Amelia Royal Holloway, University of London Psychology, Clinical and Cognitive Neuroscience
Isabelle University of Roehampton Marketing
Rema Buckingham University  
Rebecca University of Surrey Media and Communication
Biba Florette University of Sheffield History
Josephine University of Kent Biomedical Science
Seraphi Newcastle University Geography
Grace Cardiff University Religious Studies and Philosophy
Oliwia Royal Holloway, University of London Psychology
Daniela University of Portsmouth Criminology and Forensic Studies
Maryam Maha Open University Business Information Systems
Li-Sian Hayley University of Surrey Business Management
Francesca University of Glasgow History (Medieval/Modern or Medieval/Modern/Scottish)
Jessica University of Chichester Music and Musical Theatre
Michelle University of Westminster, London Animation
Rebecca The University of Edinburgh Mathematics
Angelica Serene University of Leeds Business Management with Marketing
Nikoleta University of Westminster, London International Business
Isabel University of Manchester Computer Science
Kendra M K University of Nottingham Sociology
Serena University of Westminster, London Spanish and International Business
Chardonnay University of Nottingham Mathematics and Economics
Louise University of Leeds Criminal Justice and Criminology
Justine Ravensbourne University London Architecture
Natasha University of Essex Business Management (Including Placement Year)
Georgina Mary University of Birmingham English Language
Mia UCL (University College London) English
Lilyanna University of Portsmouth Journalism with Creative Writing
Alexandra University of Manchester Planning and Real Estate
Tara The University of Edinburgh History
Ellie University of Sussex Accounting and Finance
Emma-Jo University of East London Business Management
Faith University of Leeds Medicine
Amy University of Exeter Psychology
Lara Elene University of Surrey Midwifery: Registered Midwife
Ana Trinity Leban Conservatiore Music
Sofia University of Exeter Business and Management with Year Abroad
Eva University of Sheffield Law
Alessia Bournemouth University Psychology
Selina University of Leeds Classical Civilisation and History
Tania Newcastle University Media, Communication and Cultural Studies
Ella Mae University of Manchester Criminology with International Study
Arshi Cardiff University Neuroscience inc Preliminary Yr & Professional Training
Shakira Sellassie Aston University, Birmingham Business and International Relations
Emily University of Exeter Flexible Combined Honours with UK Work Experience
Maize Tallulah Arts University Bournemouth Illustration
Katerina Canterbury Christ Church University Business Management/FRTV (wPP)
Niamh Emma University of Birmingham Liberal Arts and Sciences
Zara Hannah Imperial College London Biological Sciences
Catherine University of Manchester Social Anthropology
Kaitlyn University of Nottingham Film and Television Studies
Molly University of Leeds Politics
Whitney Leonie Kingston University BMid (Hons) Midwifery with Registered Midwife
Fiona Durham University Engineering (Civil)
Karolina Royal Holloway, University of London Psychology
Serena University of Bristol Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
Rachel University of Southampton Criminology and Psychology
Nithusha Brunel University London Engineering with an Integrated Foundation Year with Placement
Yvonne Manchester Metropolitan University Marketing
Seia University of Birmingham Law with Criminology
Rebecca University of Leeds Philosophy, Psychology and Scientific Thought
Suzannah University of Birmingham Geography and Urban & Regional Planning
Otylia Grace University of Exeter Psychology
Ellen University of Oxford Biomedical Sciences
Sophie Jin Queen Mary University of London Dentistry
Charlotte Grace University of York Theatre: Writing, Directing and Performance
Lucia University of Surrey Psychology
Anna University of Birmingham Physiotherapy
Safiya University of Leicester Media, Society and Culture
Anna University of Leeds Geography
Grace Eugenie University of Sussex Business and Management Studies
Sophie Bournemouth University Politics
Emelia University of Portsmouth Criminology and Forensic Studies
Elisa University of Cambridge Psychological and Behavioural Sciences
Emma Newcastle University English Literature
Phoebe Swansea University Education
Ellise University of Roehampton Marketing
Emilia Maria University of Manchester Politics and Modern History
Emilia University of Warwick Film and Literature
Anna University of Exeter Geography (Science)
Madeleine University of Bristol History
Mariam King's College London, University of London Geography
Alisha Queen Mary University of London Physics with Astrophysics
Lara University of Bristol Economics
Mahisha University of Westminster, London Law with Foundation
Marion Tracey University of Westminster, London Biomedical Sciences
Ellen University of Leeds Geography
Lovena University of Leeds Business Management
Georgina Daniella University of Westminster, London Animation
Amelia Kingston University Psychology including Foundation Year
Ezinne Birmingham City University Biomedical Sciences
Isabel Nana Aba University of Warwick Civil Engineering
Tiffany Aston University, Birmingham Business
Regina Amina University of Southampton Politics and International Relations
Josephine Cardiff University Law and Politics (Integrated)
Joanna Andrea University Of Lancaster Advertising with Marketing
Leann Loughborough University Psychology (with placement year)
Claudia University of Westminster, London International Business
Isabel King's College London, University of London Modern Languages with a Year Abroad
Aletha University Of Sussex Marketing and Management with Placement
Miruna Larisa University of Southampton Criminology and Psychology
Gifty Elizabeth Naa-Oyo University of Manchester Medicine
Saimah Lancaster University Business Management
Tamyjane London South Bank University Psychology
Patricia Nottingham Trent University Accounting and Finance
Zeinab Royal Holloway, University of London Psychology, Clinical Psychology and Mental Health
Sophie Anna University of Bath Psychology
Abhishree SOAS Business mangement, Economics and law with Foundation
Christina University of Sheffield Economics
Karolina Royal Holloway, University of London Psychology
Eleanor Hope University of Bristol Geography
Mary University of Leeds Theoretical Physics
Olivia Nottingham Trent University Criminology
Isabel University of Nottingham Mathematics and Economics
Michelle King's College London, University of London Nursing with Registration as an Adult Nurse
Leah University of Manchester Politics and International Relations
Ursula University of Nottingham Sport and Exercise Science
Lucja Nottingham Trent University Law with Psychology
Holly Arts University Bournemouth Animation Production
Chloe Nottingham Trent University Psychology with Counselling
Wiktoria University of Bath Integrated Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
Melanie University of Birmingham Mathematics with Business Management
Harriet The University of Edinburgh Geography
Josselyn Brigitte University of Lincoln Business Psychology
Rani King's College London, University of London English Language and Linguistics
Olivia Applied to Nescot College Animal Management Foundation Course



University Destinations 2019 -2020  

Student Name  University  Course 
Kelesha University of Leicester  Psychology with Cognitive Neuroscience
Aila City University  International Politics and Sociology
Amarah University of Roehampton  Biomedical Science 
Mahvesh Royal Holloway  Criminology & Law 
Ayele University of East Anglia  Pharmacy with FY 
Deborah University of Sussex  Politics & International Relations 
Janna Cardiff University  Law 
Ciara Cardiff University  Mechanical Engineering with FY 
Laura Cardiff University  Urban Planning & Development 
Joana Kingston University  Child Nursing 
Louise Durham University  Biosciences 
Sandra University of Leicester  International Relations  
Shayla Coventry University  Accounting & Finance 
Lyiana University of Westminster  Software Engineering with Foundation
Rania City University  Maths 
Olufunke Swansea University  Medical Biochemistry 
Sharina Mae University of the Arts London  Architecture 
Molly University of Greenwich  Paramedic Science 
Alice University of Birmingham  Law 
Kemi Royal Holloway  Criminology 
Stephanie Nottingham Trent University Politics & International Relations 
Caitleen University of Nottingham  Animal Science 
Vivien University of the Arts London  Strategic Fashion Management
Bernadette University of Cambridge  History of Art 
Mallika University of Surrey  Psychology with Foundation Year
Lily East Surrey College Theatrical, Media and Special Effects Make-Up - FY 
Dorina Royal Holloway  Psychology 
Olivia University of Exeter  English 
Emily St Mary's University  Creative Writing & English Literature 
Alice St George's University of London  Paramedic Science 
Amelia University of Nottingham  Psychology 
Amelia Ann University of Leeds  Psychology 
Sarah University of Liverpool  History & Politics 
Danielle University of Roehampton  Mental Health Nursing 
Kaya Kingston University  Business Management 
Pimentel Manuela University of Surrey  Business Management with FY 
Kiera Nottingham Trent University Biomedical Science 
Kaia Nottingham Trent University Psychology 
Heeyoung Courtauld Institute of Art  History of Art 
Isabella University of Leeds  History 
Emilia May University of York  Human Geography and Environment
Libby Nottingham Trent University Criminology 
Mia University of Cambridge - 2021 start  English 
Emer Oxford Brookes University  Business & Marketing Management 
Katrina Nottingham Trent University Biomedical Science 
Frize-Solomon Joy University of East Anglia  Pharmacy with FY 
Ghann Sybil University of Leicester  Psychology 
Gordon Marmol Nuria University of Sheffield  International Relations and Politics
Grant Sveva Cardiff University  Religion and Theology
Gula Barbara King's College London Psychology 
Emma-Claire Cardiff University  Astrophysics 
Hannah King's College London Law with Spanish Law
Rateeba Queen Mary, University of London  German with Business 
Ciara University of Sheffield  Politics 
Topaz Queen Mary, University of London  Computer Science 
Elizabeth (Beth)  Winchester University   English Literature 
Esmee University of Leeds  Geography 
Tamara Nottingham Trent University Fashion Marketing 
Tara University of Liverpool -2021 start  Medicine 
Lillie University of Brighton  Philsophy, Politics and Ethics
Ashae University of Warwick  Media, Communications and Culture 
Ciara University of Exeter   Medicine 
Amy University of Liverpool  Psychology 
Alice University of Nottingham  Environmental Science 
Cliona Queen's University, Belfast  Anthropology
Hannah University of Surrey  Child Nursing 
Mary-Kate University of Liverpool  Economics 
Grace University of Roehampton  Primary Education 
Marissa University of Surrey  Child Nursing 
Isabelle University of Nottingham  History & Politics 
Claudia Nottingham Trent University Psychology 
Niamh King's College London Law
Karen University of East London  Architecture 
Mubashra University of Portsmouth  Pharmacy 
Ana University of Leeds  Social Science with FY  
Rowan King's College London Classical Studies with English 
Gabriella Ravensbourne University London  Digital Production 
Felicia University of Roehampton  Biomedical Science 
Olivia University of Leicester  Psychology 
Angelina Nottingham Trent University Law
Philippa University of Kent  Law 
Olivia University of Northampton  Marketing 
Georgia University of Reading  Biomedical Science 
Lola  Coventry University  Child Nursing 
Leanne St Mary's University  Communications & Media with FY 
Catherine University of Bath  Biomedical Science 
Anna University of Sussex  Law
Lemuella Middlesex University  Law
Hannah University of Surrey  Biomedical Science 
Oksana University of Kent  Architectue 
Sweedle Cardiff University  English Language & Linguistics 
Shannon Edge Hill University  Child Nursing 
Maya Royal Holloway  Law
Francesca University of East Anglia  Criminology 
Phoebe University of Roehampton  Primary Education 
Savannah University of East Anglia  Business Marketing 
Imogen University of Birmingham  Psychology 
Emanuella University of Nottingham  Geography 
Ruby University of Roehampton  Zoology
Renoshni University of Leeds  English Language & Linguistics 
Olivia University of Kent  History and English Language and Linguistics
Rianne University of Kent  Marketing 
Ariana Aberystwyth University Modern Languages 
Martha University of Nottingham  American and Canadian Literature, History and Culture 
Fabiana Nottingham Trent University Psychology 
Clare University of Exeter  -2021 starter  History 
Niamh London School of Economics ( LSE) Law 
Maya St George's University of London  Biomedical Science 
Shayanne Anglia Ruskin University  Forensic Science 
Denisha University of Nottingham  Maths 
Katherine Queen Mary, University of London  Biochemistry 
Andrea Nottingham Trent University Marketing 
Samira St Mary's University  Physiotherapy 
Serena Queen Mary, University of London  English 
Salma University of Nottingham  Politics & International Relations 
Sofi University of Surrey  Biomedical Science 
Ahunna Kingston University  Psychology 
Christina St Mary's University -2021starter  Creative Media 
Amara University of East Anglia  Psychology 
Shadan Royal Holloway  Psychology 
Emilia University of Essex Law 
Chloe  Coventry University  Law 
Christina University of Dundee   Physics with Astrophysics 
Katie University of Liverpool Business Economics 
Evelina University of Cambridge  Natural Science 
Naomi University of Birmingham  English 
Jireh University of Portsmouth  Biomedical Science 
Aarthika University of Portsmouth  Accounting & Finance 
Olga University of Edinburgh  Psychology 
Bethel University of Roehampton  Biomedical Science 
Sofia University for the Creative Arts -2021 starter  Film Production 
Ketzley City University  Law 
Jessica University of York  Sociology & Criminology 
Frances University of Exeter  Medical Sciences 
Natalia University of Portsmouth  Forensic Psychology 
Lea University of Plymouth Maths with Finance 
Jessie- 2018 leaver  University of Liverpool  Economics and Philosophy
Mary- 2018 leaver  University of Sussex  Arts and Humanities 
Aisling- 2018 leaver Goldsmiths, University of London  -2021 starter  Popular Music 
Natalia- 2018 leaver  University of Roehampton  Psychology 
Siobhan- 2018 leaver  University of Roehampton  Law 
Nikoline- 2018 leaver  University of Cambridge  Natrual Science 
Sofia- 2018 leaver  London South Bank University Physiotherapy 
Lucinda- 2018 leaver  Imperial College, London  Maths 
Jade-2018 leaver  Cardiff University  History & Economics 
Maddie- 2018 leaver  University of Leeds  Politics 
Annalisa- 2018 leaver  Liverpool Hope University  Music & Music Production 
Maria- 2016/2017 leaver  Queen Mary, University of London  Environmental Science 
Emilie- 2018 leaver  Nottingham Trent University Psychology
Sofia- 2018 leaver  Kingston University  Accounting & Finance 
Charlotte Royal Veterinary College  Veterinary
Mulugeta  University of Bristol /Sheffield  Law
Ines University of Porto -Portugal  Biomedical Science ( pending-decision after the 25th Sept)
Giselle Kalisilira  Google Digital Marketing Apprenticeship ( school leaver apprenticeship) 

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For any further inquires please contact

Assistant Headteacher T Levels and Careers

Mr Ben Barton

0203 908 3143

Careers Advisor (KS3 & KS4)

Ms Shirley Ward 

0203 908 3172 

Sixth Form Careers Advisor 

Ms Anita Ryan

0203 908 3171

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