Health and Wellbeing

At the Ursuline High school we fulfil our school values through our outstanding pastoral care. We understand that young women need to have the best view of themselves and the world around them to succeed.

This page is a catalogue of some of the useful sources of help available for parents or students looking to explore mental health issues as well as general wellbeing!

Our Positive Mental Health Policy details further information on student wellbeing.


Webinar for parents ‘Overview and introduction to teenage mental health’

Part 1:

Part 2:


Our Mental Health Support Offer

We really do care for each and everyone of our students and we ensure that their individual needs are known and met. Students have a variety of mental health support available that they can access in school to support them, with any worries or anxieties students may have about school or outside of school.

These include;


Our pastoral care starts with a tutor that that all students see daily and discuss tasks around mindfulness, well-being and respect.

Pastoral Support Assistant

Further support is provided by pastoral support assistants that work alongside the head of year to give guidance and can help find out the right support for you from organisation skills to friendship concerns.

Year 7 School Pastoral Assistant: Ms Magdalena Sawicka

Year 8 & 9 School Pastoral Assistant: Ms Karlin Eloff

Year 10 & 11 School Pastoral Assistant: Ms Sylvia Brown

Health and Wellbeing in our Curriculum

Beyond that our focus on health and well-being is at the forefront of our curriculum and PSHEC with your tutor is an excellent way for students to express and develop their knowledge on physical and mental well-being as well has how to have successful relationships.

Take a look at our PSHEC offer to find out more information about and how PSHEC is active in our curriculum.

Additional Support

To support the well-being of students within our school we offer referrals to the following; a qualified school counsellor, a well-being coordinator who students can talk to if they are feeling like they need a better routine or you are spending too much time on social media, school nurse and mentoring from older students. These services and our EWP application form can be accessed by contacting our Wellbeing Co-ordinator below.

EWP Secondary School Application Form

Deputy Safeguarding Wellbeing Lead & Business Support
: Mrs Sarah McCourt


Mental Health Trailblazer Programme

Our focus on well-being is further supported by being part of the South West London Mental health Trailblazer. This partnership provides mental health support teams that work with students and their parents with the aim of ensuring they are well equipped to have healthy and honest conversations about emotional well-being – as well as connecting them to local services.

This has enabled us to develop the services we have on offer at the Ursuline such as;

These services can be accessed by contacting our Deputy Safeguarding Wellbeing Lead & Business Support below.

Deputy Safeguarding Wellbeing Lead & Business Support: Mrs Sarah McCourt




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Additional Support - Mental Health Support Recommendations

The below list is not exhaustive, there are a lot of other resources available online and in local libraries, and it is not an alternative to consulting your GP, which you should always do if you have serious concerns.

As a first port of call we would recommend:


Directory of Mental Wellbeing Services in the London Borough of Merton


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Young Minds- Mental health charity for children, young people and their parents

 Off The Record JPEG

Off The Record- Counselling, Drop Ins & Online Support

Off the Record offers an Online Counselling service to all of our young people aged 14
and over. The service provides real time support and email counselling with specialist practitioners and therapists all who have experience of working with young people.



Kooth: An online counselling and emotional well-being service for children and young people aged 11-18

Kooth is anonymous and free at the point of use. Children and young people can chat to professional counsellors, read articles written by young people, receive peer-to-peer support and keep a daily journal.

Kooth continues to provide online mental health and wellbeing support to young people via any accessible device that can connect to the internet e.g. phone, tablet, laptop, computer. Kooth provides an opportunity to access information, ask questions and interact in a supportive way with other young people. You also have the option to receive support from a qualified counsellor. Visit See Kooth Poster here.


MindEd for Families: online advice and support you can trust

A site dedicated to providing expert advice for parents on a wide variety of issues, from bullying, to eating disorders, depression, risky behaviour and parenting.

MindEd for Families was built by parents and the MindEd Consortium of professionals, funded by the Department of Education, in partnership with Health Education England. It is accredited by the NHS Information Standard. 



Find Get Give

An online catalogue of mental health services for 13-25 year olds with some excellent help and advice pages for parents and carers, as well as young people themselves.

Please also see this list compiled by Merton.


Further Information on Keeping Well 

For Students

Top Tips for Teens (COVID-19)

How to Stay Social in Social distancing

5 Ways to Wellbeing Easter Challenge 

Staying Mentally Healthy Students


For Parents

Merton MHST - Social Media and Gaming During the Teen Years 

Merton MHST Emotion Regulation Teens

Merton MHST. Managing Exam Anxiety- A Parent's Guide!

Merton MHST. Mental Health and Wellbeing during the Secondary School Years

Parent Guide Supporting Young People in times of Crisis and Uncertainty

Emotional Regulation and Adolescents 

Parenting Challenges During Covid 

Anxiety and Adolescents Parent's Workshop 


For any further enquires please contact

Assistant Headteacher Inclusion/Lead DSL/Mental Health

Ms Rachael Gilmore

0203 908 3168

Safeguarding Officer

Ms Kerry Connor                                        

0203 908 3158

Deputy Safeguarding Wellbeing Lead & Business Support

Ms Sarah McCourt

0203 908 3197

Safeguarding Officer

Ms Danielle Boateng 

0203 908 3104

Out of Term Contact

07415 005402




Merton MHST. Mental Health and Wellbeing during the Secondary School Years Sept 21
Positive Behaviour Support Policy June 2019
Young Persons Counselling Information Sheet
LGBTQ+ Youth Group Online Information Sheet
Thought for the Week
God alone knows what you need, and can and wants to provide for you.
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