Waiting list, 2024 Entry

Parents/Carers of students who have not been offered a place at the school may ask for them to remain on the waiting list.

Placing a child's name on the waiting list does not guarantee that a place will become available.

Please note that girls can be added to the waiting list (if a new application is received) or removed (If we are informed by our local authority that a girl has been offered a higher preference school).  As a result, girls already on the waiting list may move up or down each time the waiting list is revised.


Year 7 Waiting List 2024

Parents can use their child’s unique Applicaa applicant number to track her position on the waiting list. 

If you cannot see your child’s applicant number on the waiting list below or no longer wish her to be placed on the waiting list, please email our Admissions Officer.

The waiting list is ranked according to our 2024 Admissions Policy.  Your daughter will move up the list if someone above them comes off it – for instance, but they might also move down it, for example if a family moves into the area.

This list is deleted once term begins in September and parents who wish their child’s name to remain on the list must inform the Admissions Officer by email.

WL Position Student Code
1 U-6CF6
2 U-43CD
3 U-187C
4 U-F860
5 U-D196
6 U-D64A
7 U-FE13
8 U-A8E9
9 U-8F35
10 U-F38D
11 U-8B65
12 U-4292
13 U-F388
14 U-64EB
16 U-99CE
17 U-85D9
18 U-4A22
19 U-C862
20 U-F483
21 U-3472
22 U-EA85
23 U-A49C
24 U-DEF5
25 U-97E5
26 U-3131
27 U-52BC
28 U-8BF8
29 U-DA1A
30 U-C02E
31 U-509E
32 U-956B
33 U-84D3
34 U-46CC
35 U-1FF9
36 U-FA81
37 U-8804
38 U-0F7F
39 U-5277
40 U-55BE
41 U-30A8
42 U-53DE
43 U-DDF1
44 U-1E0E
45 U-60B1
46 U-67FF
47 U-BFD9
48 U-80F8
49 U-FED6
50 U-041B
51 U-9A42
52 U-37CA
53 U-E126
54 U-0B86
55 U-F74B
56 U-73F0
57 U-CFE5
58 U-E0D4
59 U-B2FB
60 U-4548

Last Updated: 24/05/2024 

For any further inquires please contact

Acting Admissions Officer

Mrs Maria Dancisinova 

020 3908 3199 


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