Laptops and Governors’ Donation Fund FAQs

See below our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) relating to our Governors Donation Fund and Laptop Scheme.

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Transitioning to Ursuline High School - FAQs

When will I get my laptop?

Students will receive their laptops together with a charger and a case, during their first couple of days at school.

My child has her own devise, can she use that?

The school rule is that only Ursuline devices may be used on the premises. Laptops need to be specifically set up by our technicians to connect to the school network.

Am I buying the laptop?

No, you are committing to donating towards the IT infrastructure and a wide variety of other projects within the school.

What happens if my child leaves the school?

If for any reason your daughter leaves the school, you must speak to staff in the school Finance Department. We then arrange with you to return the laptop. 

What happens if my child loses or accidentally damages the laptop?

Insurance cover is provided as part of the scheme to cover theft and accidental damage of laptops. Students are expected to take reasonable care of their laptops, therefore repeated accidental damage claims may not be covered. You will be required to complete an insurance claim advising how the damage occurred. In cases of theft, you will be required to notify the police and provide us with a crime number. Insurers will not cover a laptop that may have been stolen because it has been left unattended or on a bus / train.

What happens if my child’s laptop needs repairing?

If your child experiencers any technical problems with her laptop she should take it to the Laptop Doctor who will try to repair it. Repairs are usually carried out on site although it may be necessary to send the device to the manufacturer for repair.

Do I need to bring my laptop and charger to school every day

Yes, students must bring their laptop and charger to school daily unless notified not to.

Why do I need to make a donation?

Voluntary Aided Schools such as Ursuline High School are required to contribute 10% of all capital expenditure. In choosing a Catholic Voluntary Aided School for their child, parents / carers need to consider their part in raising the 10% cost to the Catholic Community. Ursuline High School
is immensely grateful for the generous donations which allow this school to provide excellent facilities.

Why do I need to pay by direct debit?

We have been administering the donation scheme for many years and experience has shown Direct Debit to be the most convenient way for parents / carers to make donations. However, if you wish to pay by standing order or any other payment please do.

What happens if I miss a donation?

Finance Staff will contact you to let you know your donation has not been received and kindly ask to rectify the situation. If you are having difficulties making regular donations, please speak with the school’s Finance Office in the first instance.

How to contact us

At the Ursuline, parent communication is very important to us. See listed below the various points of contact.

General enquires about the Ursuline, friendship issues, organisation, homework, clubs/enrichment, uniform, equipment, travelling to/from school, punctuality, trips/calendar events - Form Tutors

Mental health, bullying, safeguarding, online safety, absence request forms, request for your daughter to receive school counselling/educational well-being practitioner, financial support/free school meals - Head of Year or Pastoral Support Assistant

Attendance and punctuality/lateness - parents and students must liaise with Ms Young

For laptop or parent portal queries - please speak with our Laptop Doctor or IT team respectively.

Subject specific enquiry – please contact the subject teacher directly.

Please see the ‘Contact Information’ section of the Transitions Booklet for other key contacts. In addition, a full list of staff contacts is available on our website here.

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