Pray For Peace

Insightful displays and informative activities from our library as part of our Remembrance Day commemorations this week! Students also took part in a form time liturgy this morning.

Tomorrow (10/11) is Armistice day, marking the signing of the agreement that brought WWI to an end. WWI was famously named ‘The War to End All Wars’, sadly that never transpired, and we remain grateful for the sacrifice of others gone before us. We will of course pause for further thought on Remembrance Sunday (11/11), where we remember the service and sacrifice of all those that have defended our freedoms and protected our way of life.

Today we reflect on people near, and far who are not free, or protected, but affected by the atrocities of war, violence and oppression in conflicts all around the world. 

We pray that resolution and peace may be found for all.. 

God of peace,
Show us how to put away the weapons of war and help us destroy the tools of destruction.
God of peace, may your kingdom come.

God of peace,
Teach us to follow the ways of justice
and walk with us the paths of truth.
God of peace, may your kingdom come.

God of peace,
Challenge the weapons of war,
and banish hatred and division,
so that all your children may sleep secure.
God of peace, may your kingdom come.


Thought for the Week
Be gentle and compassionate.
2nd Counsel/1