Chaplaincy Update


Chaplaincy Update

It is a pleasure to say hello here for the first time, having started as the new Chaplain for UHS Wimbledon this January. This term saw our Year 7 Commissioning Service, Year 12 Retreat on ‘Social Justice’ and Year 10 Form Retreat focused on “Hospitality of the heart”. We celebrated our St Angela masses at Sacred Heart Church with help provided by the Chaplaincy Team. We hosted our Ursuline Conference on the theme of “Enlarging the Tent”, welcoming our Ursuline schools in the UK and Ireland, more information can be found on our Instagram.

Ash Wednesday services were held for Year 7-12, with reflections and distribution of ashes, followed by a five week programme of Eucharistic Adoration, donations for Wimbledon Foodbank, a digital detox, thanksgiving cards and the Sacrament of reconciliation. Additional lunchtime activities have been added this term such as ‘Time Out Tuesday’; a time of meditation, prayer, quiet music and candle ambience. Looking ahead next term we anticipate taking Year 7 students to Wintershall, our Chaplaincy team to Ayslesford and restarting our YSVP visits to care homes.

Please take a look at our NEW Catholic Life section on our website for further details of our Catholic Life and Mission!

Dominic Cunliffe


Please click below for the full Spring Term 2023 Edition of the Chaplaincy Newsletter.

Catholic Life: Spring Term 2023
Thought for the Week
God alone knows what you need, and can and wants to provide for you.
Rule, Chapter 10/17