All Saints Day

On Wednesday 1st November, we celebrated Mass for the feast of All Saints - our Catholic Holy Day of obligation! 

This November, we recall with the Church all the Holy Souls who have died and mark their remembrance. Our Memorial Book remains in the chapel during the month (swipe left to see). Staff and students have been filling it up with names of their loved ones who have passed away.

Our feast of All Saints Mass was celebrated with Fr Matthew of Sacred Heart. At the Mass we asked the saints who have gone before us to pray for us here on earth, and for the faithful departed, and names in our Memorial Book.

We also marked the memories of these loved ones in more detail with our ‘Memory Tree’ reflection in which we recall and write the fond memories of our loved ones and placed them beneath the tree as a prayerful metaphor of those who have left the family tree on this earth but whom we hope to be reunited with in the hope, fruit and rebirth of the resurrection. This has also been left in the chapel during this month for people to do any time.

Thought for the Week
Be gentle and compassionate.
2nd Counsel/1