Staff Profiles


Jonelle Hector

English Teacher

“As a teacher at UHS, the most rewarding factor has been the positive relationships I build with my students. It is an inspiration and an honour to be a part of a community that is truly committed to educating and empowering young girls as they grow into leaders of the future.”


Christiane Heigl

Learning Support Assistant

“Working as a teaching assistant at Ursuline High School, Wimbledon, is an incredibly rewarding experience and it is a privilege to see students develop and to be able to support them in achieving their goals; my role allows me to be a part of their journey. UHS students have real enthusiasm and a passion for learning and living out Serviam, the motto of our school. I have a very good rapport with the brilliant teachers whom I work with and I feel valued and trusted in this school. UHS has a strong leadership team and strongly encourages CPD for all members of staff, promoting development and learning new skills. Every day brings something new and I am currently looking forward to welcoming the students for the new academic year.”


Jo Thompson

Deputy SENCo and English Intervention Teacher

“I have two main threads to my job, which offers me both variety and challenge in my work. Helping students to develop their literacy skills, by tailoring a scheme of work to meet their particular needs, is a fascinating area of pedagogy. There is a great reward to be had when working so closely with small groups of students in an intervention class; progress is tangible and measurable in a short period of time – and that is immensely satisfying. Working as part of a highly skilled SEN team, and collaborating with other members of teaching staff to identify students who need or would benefit from concessions or specialist support, is the second strand to my role. I enjoy working in an environment where the whole school works well together to achieve our common goals and the UHS engenders a strong sense of loyalty and support which helps to create a happy workplace.”


Teresa Steedman

Learning Support Assistant

I love working at Ursuline High School, Wimbledon, as the students are encouraged to follow the ethos of Serviam "I will serve", in addition to the amazing teaching and learning opportunities offered to all students. As a Teaching Assistant I feel privileged to see students flourish and I am trusted to do my job providing support and encouragement towards independent learning. I provide specialist provision supporting the Science Teacher adjusting the teaching and materials to suit each student's individual needs.

Mrs Halima Bhayat Director of Digital Learning

Halima Bhayat

Director of Digital Learning

“I love teaching at Ursuline High School, Wimbledon as staff and students are very respectful to me and themselves. Each day I am felt welcomed when at work. Teaching Computer Science at the school is the pinnacle as students are fully engaged in the subject especially being a girl school. Students love the trips and clubs on offer within the subject that include a visit to Twitter HQ as well as programing and playing with Lego and or logical board games. Within lesson students are enlightened to the world of technology by learning about current and further technology. Students are very well behaved and engaged in all topics taught especially programming”

Anita Ryan Sixth Form Careers Advisor2

Lorraine Petheram

Sixth Form Careers Advisor

"Working as a Sixth Form Careers Advisor at the Ursuline High School (or UHSW to fit with other profiles) often means no two days are the same. Students in Year 12 and 13 are constantly looking to excel not only in their academic studies and extra-curricular activities but also in their drive and dedication to plan for life post 18 and applying to University, Apprenticeship and School Leaver Programmes. With over 90% of students applying to University including over 75% to Russell Group and Sutton Trust Top 30 Universities, students are highly engaged in participating in the wide range of careers activities the team offers and the SLT are fully supportive of the teams' goal to partner and support students to achieve the very best for their futures. I am very proud to be part of this dynamic community."   


Sarah Pearce

Lower School Pastoral Assistant

"I love being part of the Pastoral care team here at the Ursuline High School, Wimbledon. Watching students enter the school in Year 7 and grow and develop into successful, confident young women. It is a privilege to be part of their journey.

I always aim to provide practical advice and guidance. Encouraging the students to think of things they can do to enhance their wellbeing and sign posting them to a whole host of services we have at our disposal here at the Ursuline. 

I pride myself on knowing all the girls and always being a person they know will always listen to them.

I actively get involved in all aspects of life at the Ursuline and lead by example, hoping our young people will take on all the opportunities we offer.

I enjoy working here at the Ursuline and feel valued as a member of staff. The senior team are keen to create an environment in which we can grow as professionals, but equally I feel trusted and enabled to do what I do best."


Paula Lee-Thomas

Design and Technology Teacher

“I love teaching Design and Technology at Ursuline High School. The girls are enthusiastic and open to exploring new techniques, materials and ideas. D&T makes such an impact on their learning, as they need to take information from Maths and Science, and other subjects, and apply it to their design needs. Sometimes applying these theoretical concepts practically helps the girls to understand them. When these ‘lightbulb’ moments happen, it affirms why I love being a teacher.”

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