Early Headship Coaching Offer for New Headteachers (EHCO)

The Early Headship Coaching Offer for New Headteachers  (formerly known as the ASO) is a targeted package of support for Headteachers in their first five years of Headship. This is fully funded for all eligible participants (see eligibility criteria below).

The programme builds upon the NPQH framework, allowing Headteachers to explore and apply leadership challenges in greater depth whilst putting their learning immediately into practice at school.

Highlights of the offer are:

There is no assessment for the EHCO - it is entirely focused on new Headteacher development, wellbeing and support.

For a 1:1 chat about the ASO, please email matthew.welton@churchofengland.org

Why complete it with the Church of England?

The Church of England offers the opportunity to personalise your learning journey. We recognise that your time as a new Headteacher is precious and we will ensure you only spend time extending the learning that enables you to be a better school leader.

By building on our core Called, Connected, Committed learning principles and drawing upon the Church of England Vision for Education for inspiration, you will be offered a space and the tools to build peer networks that will sustain you throughout your career. Contacts with local dioceses will support Headteachers in understanding the specific requirements of leading a Church of England or Catholic school.

What support will I receive?

Our support package is structured around 5 learning cycles which are completed across four full academic terms.

After an initial Activate session to set personal learning goals, within each learning cycle Headteachers will access self led-learning, face to face peer support networks, and work in a small expert-led coaching group.

The focus throughout is on going deeper, applying further, and building sustaining and life-giving networks that offer support during the programme and beyond.

Who is eligible to take part?

You are eligible for this targeted support package if you meet the following criteria:

All places on this programme are funded by the Department for Education at a cost of £800 per participant. See more on funding here.

For a 1:1 chat about the EHCO, please email matthew.welton@churchofengland.org

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