Rules & Procedures

The Ursuline Sixth Form Day

The school day starts at 8:55am when all students must register with their personal tutor. Year 12
students have assembly on Tuesday lesson 1 and Year 13 have assembly on Tuesday lesson 2.

Lessons begin punctually at 8:45am both in Ursuline High School and Wimbledon College. Students are expected to be in lessons and on site all day unless they have no timetabled lessons after lunch. Independent Learning lessons are built into the timetable and tasks are set for each course.

Dress Code

Sixth Form students are an important role models to younger students. They are held in high esteem. Our school dress code ensures younger students take pride in their own appearance.

Students must make note of the following guidelines for the Dress Code:

A dark suit jacket with either trousers, a skirt or a dress

A blouse in the colour of the student’s own choice

Shoes should be formal and suitable for wearing with a suit

Hair should be in keeping with the formality of the school – with no extreme colouring and no facial piercing

Items that are NOT to be worn include: denim, sweatshirts and hooded tops, tee shirts, tops with straps, sleeveless tops, trainers, sports shoes, Ugg boots and army style boots

All students are expected to follow the dress code on the way to and from school, as well as at school and at school functions where the code is black and white.

Students must take notice of any rules given from time to time by the Head of Sixth Form in relation to particular items of clothing or appearance, which may change.

Any student who does not dress accordingly will be dealt with in line with the school policy and may result in the student being sent home. Repeated offences will result in a temporary exclusion.

Judgements on what is suitable rest with the Head of Sixth Form, Head of Year 12 and Head of Year13. All staff will enforce the dress code at all times. Anyone who, through force of circumstances is unable to comply with these regulations should bring a letter of explanation signed by her parents / carers.


The Attendance target for all Sixth Form students is 96%. Students must not make medical or dental appointments during term time. Punctuality is taken very seriously. It is important that students are on time for lessons along with the start of every school day.

Thought for the Week
"Love God, serve God; everything is in that."
St Calre of Assisi