Sent Off In Style!

“What a journey this has been, I am so proud to have been your Head of Year! The world is better and brighter because of you.. this is not goodbye or an end, but just the beginning, I wish you all the very best!” Ms Fernandes, Head of Year 13

Parents'/carers' and staff gathered to give our Year 13 students a well-deserved send off at the Year 13 Leavers' Celebration on Friday 10th May. The evening began with Mass at Sacred Heart Church delivered by Farther Ted Nwoeji, interspersed with hymns sung by Aisling Cleary, Sophie Yohannes and the Sixth Form Choir (Deborah Ajayi, OluFunke Baloqun, Libby Farr, Topaz Hoilett, Wiktoria Jedrzejewska, Giselle Kalisilra, Grace Middleton, Gabriella Noble, Felicia Nwosu, Lucy O'Neill, Leanne Oppong, Lorea Josebel Paucar Collagua, Rianna Reyes and Christina Sinclair-Jones).

Representatives from each form group made offerings and put forward a bidding prayers.

In Ms Waters address, students (and their parents/carers), were thanked for their kindness, generosity, support and vast contributions to the Ursuline over past 7 years, with a reminder for students to keep Serviam at the heart of all they do…

“As you go out into the world girls, continue to use your gifts and talents for the benefit of others, you are the salt of the earth and the light of the world, let that shine through in all that you do. We wish you every happiness in your next steps and the door is always open for your return.. remember once an Ursuline, always an Ursuline!” Ms Waters

This was followed the annual awards ceremony, where students were presented with awards for effort and progress in subject areas, rounded off with awards for Academic Excellence and Serviam! Well done to all the awardees!

The evening was brought to a close with a celebratory reception at the Sixth Form Centre, where students (of course) took the opportunity to pose for (many, many) photos in their lovely outfits!

Wishing you all the very best of luck, happiness and success Year 13!

“Each of you brought a different dimension to the Sixth Form and it is with great joy that we celebrate your successes and wish you well on the next stage of your journey.. as women whose heart and mind will be guided by Serviam!” Mr Adam, Deputy Headteacher


And the awards go to...

Applied Science Diploma Alice Lucas Jade Lynn
Art  Agatha Nantume Khadija Ahmed Agha
Biology  Emmeline Anghileri Amelia Tucker
Business Studies Ebony Brookes Abigail Grant
Business Studies Diploma Hable Mulugeta Catarina Asensao Bagulho
Chemistry Amy Tierney Paulina Molinska
Computer Science (WC)  N/A Aisling Cleary
Drama Sophie Yohannes Aimee Colohan
Economics Alexandra Gatland Martyna Matuszewska
English Language Jennifer Pretty Oonagh Pinto Pena
English Literature Natasha Judson Richardson  Mary Mfor Mpecassah
English Literature/Language (WC) Chloe Delaney Alicia Stefania
EPQ Eva Lobo Grosch Louise Daniels
Film Studies (WC) N/A Annalisa Joannou
French  Paula Back Margarida Pedrosa
Further Maths (WC) Lucinda Khalil Tosia Ciszek
Geography Kaitlin Fitzpatrick Spacey Jessie Holt
Health & Social Care Diploma Fernanda Ferreira Freeman Isla Denise Mugwanya
Health & Social Care Extended Certificate Mary Jensi Anton Jeyakumar Babysa Antonrajah
History Solenn Maillard Eleanor Wheeler
ICT Extended Certificate Rosario Lopez Ambia Mannan
Maths Nikolene Mekjan Wiktoria Szkolnicka
Music (WC) Joyce Tang N/A
Photography (WC) Liberty Blackley Leah Willaims
Physical Education Morgan Grover N/A
Physics Hannah Levingston Angelica Cocirla
Politics Rheegan Ormonde-Cunningham Eiman Ali
Psychology Suymaya Zaman Danielle Danquah
Religious Studies Jenessa Johnson Katie McIlwraith
Sociology Jasmyn Monrose Ciara Murphy
Spanish Natalia Chiarinelli Tegan Sinclair




13 ANGELA Alicja Bondos-Persaud
13 BERNADETTE Moesha Cacho
13 CATHERINE Georgina Gaymer
13 ELIZABETH Alexandra Hack-Roberts
13 FRANCIS Jasmine Lasfar
13 MARGARET Beryl Mutandiro
13 TERESA Aoife Power
13 URSULA Edina Temple


“I am very proud of how you have progressed during your time at the Ursuline.. I look forward to hearing about the next chapter in your life.. come back and speak to other Sixth Former's about your adventures and experiences soon!” Mr Barton, Assistant Headteacher


Thought for the Week
Be very careful never to complain or grumble or speak ill of others.
3rd Counsel/9