The World of Work!

Year 7 had an exciting careers morning exploring the World of Work on Thursday 27th June. They were delighted to hear from Marlene Boateng, from Berkley Homes who shared her career journey so far and highlighted the importance of a can do attitude and flexibility. Students also learnt from her all about Careers in Construction & The Property Development Cycle and the skills future employers are looking for. They continued the morning exploring the variety of jobs that exist across many industries, understanding the importance of different subjects and how they apply to the working world. They committed to different actions to develop their behaviour and skills to improve their future opportunities in the workplace.

 A challenging and enjoyable morning with special thanks to Marlene and Berkley Homes for supporting this event.


Students said of the morning;

“I really enjoyed the careers event as I have learnt that there are a wide range of jobs you can do and what opportunities we have in the future”

“I enjoyed listening to the guest speaker, who opened my eyes to the way the world really works, and what you have to do to get to your eventual career”

“I enjoyed all the fun activities we had to do because it strengthened my understanding of different jobs”

Thought for the Week
"It is loving the Cross that one finds one heart, for Divine Love cannot live without suffering."
St. Bernadette