Oxbridge Interviews!

We have had 25 students participating in the Programme, of whom 13 applied to Oxbridge.

We are pleased to announce 7 have been invited to interview; Tara, Elisa, Ohemaa, Mia, Madeleine, Zara, and Ellen. (3 to Cambridge and 4 to Oxford).

Elisa hopes to study Psychology, Madeline; History, Zara; Biology, Oheema; Medicine and Ellen; Biomedical Science!

They find out the outcome of their applications in January!

The best of luck to you all!

"I have applied to do Biomedical Sciences at Oxford University. I have thoroughly enjoyed the Oxbridge programme, especially in helping me to decide which course I wanted to study and how to find out more about the course through online lectures and wider reading. The interview process was unlike anything I have ever done before. It was a challenging environment, but I enjoyed being encouraged to think outside the box and get a taste of what the tutorial environment would be like!"

Ellen, Year 12


"I am applying for Medicine (A100) at Cambridge. The Oxbridge programme was a massive help in giving me insight into the Oxbridge application process as well as giving valuable advice and support along the way. I am very grateful for the time invested into me by the school. The interview process was very unique and I am very anxious for the results."

Ohemaa, Year 12

"I'm waiting to hear the outcome of my application to read Psychological and Behavioural Sciences at the University of Cambridge. I've had to submit samples of my work, been through testing, assessments and interviews. All of this has been under the impeccable supervision of UHS's Oxbridge Programme. Here, I've been given expert support on a weekly basis to build my applicant profile, develop a compelling UCAS Personal Statement and receive interview prep. Mrs Harrison's the cornerstone of making the programme work - her expertise and dedication is compelling, and her enthusiasm is energising!"

Elisa, Year 12


"I am applying to the History course at Oxford. The Oxbridge programme and Mrs. Harrison have been so helpful in guiding me through the application process as I have always been helped or had access to help with anything I was uncertain or worried about. There has also been a really nice sense of community in the programme as we have all been going through the process together, which is quite comforting. The interview process was (inevitably) quite nerve wracking, but I think Oxford has handled the move  to virtual interviews very well, as I was always well informed about what I needed to do, and my interviews ran very smoothly."




Further information about our Oxbridge Programme

The Sixth-Form Oxbridge Programme runs from January of Year 12 to December of Year 13 (when students are invited to interview). The aim of the Programme is to allow students to explore the possibility of going to Oxbridge and to support those who choose to do so in their applications. This year, the Programme was well-established by the first lockdown and then ran online during lockdown and the Summer Term.  


Thought for the Week
"It is loving the Cross that one finds one heart, for Divine Love cannot live without suffering."
St. Bernadette