CHAPLAINCY: Feb/Mar 2021

Chaplain Update


Easter Holiday Message

This half term has seen us be reunited together and being hopeful of a positive future.

As we have journeyed together through the season of Lent, we had the opportunity to focus on our ‘Acts of Kindness’, whether these were at home or in school and how we could serve one another.

Year 7 and 8 attached reconciliation services in the Chapel. The services were centered on the beatitudes gospel and students reflected on questions such as; Blessed are the peacemakers - do I try to make peace between friends who have fallen out? Or do I pour fuel on the fire and encourage them to ignore each other or to fight? This time of reflection gave them an opportunity to say sorry to God and reconnect before the celebration of Easter.

In our passion service we reflected on the connection between Jesus’ journey to Calvary and the events of the past year. We connected Jesus’ journey of sorrow and courage Jesus’ to our own. When we reflected on the Hope of the resurrection we celebrated the create of the Covid-19 vaccine and the hope it brings during this pandemic.

As we celebrate Easter this year let us think back to that first Easter Sunday morning when Mary arrived and saw the tomb empty and the stone rolled away. Initially she was confused and upset but when she realised, Jesus has risen, she was filled with great joy. This Easter let us take the opportunity to be joyous as we celebrate Jesus’ resurrection and remember how much we are loved by God.

Please be assured of my thoughts and prayers for all of your families.

Ms Murphy


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