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Open Events 2021

We are delighted to invite prospective Year 6 students and their parent/carer to find out about the abundance of opportunities available at Ursuline High School, Wimbledon, by joining our physical open events for Sept 2022 entry! Read More

Serviam News!

We are excited to present to you the first edition of 'Serviam News', created by Year 12 students at Ursuline Sixth Form! Read More

Welcome Home!

Our LRC were very excited to receive not one, but two copies of 'We are Home', marking AFC Wimbledon's return to Plough Lane! Read More

Year 6 Transitions Evening

On Wednesday 22nd April 2021 we virtually hosted our Year 6 Transitions Evening for all parents and students joining the Ursuline community in September 2021. Read More

United Nations Conference

"I've enjoyed the learning about the structure of the UN and about life at LSE everyone is so engaging and friendly thats what kept the atmosphere especially it being online so alive." Read More

Festival of Computing!

On Friday 5th March, Year 11 GCSE Computer Science students took part in the Festival of Computing with the University of Plymouth[]. Read More

Oxbridge Alumni Evening!

On Tuesday 16th March, we held our Oxbridge Alumni Evening with the aim to encourage our Year 12s on the Oxbridge Programme to see Oxbridge as a real possibility for them and to understand more about it. Parents were also encouraged to attend to they could be advised as to how best support their preferred path! Read More

Year 9 Options Evening

We hosted a very informative Year 9 Options Evening on Wednesday 17th March. Take a look at our presentation, or for a quicker option click through our powerpoiint below. Read More

We've Won An Award!

In light of a very testing year for everyone, we were honoured to receive a recognition award from the Mayor of Merton, Councillor Sally Kenny today! Read More

Time to Take a T Level!

A new qualification (equivalent to 3 A Levels), backed by business, with a work based placement which will better prepare you for the future you want? Read More

Parenting Fed Up Teens!

Parenting teenagers is hard enough without having to manage the impact of a global pandemic at the same time. It has been almost a year since restrictions and lockdowns first started and the novelty has well and truly worn off. Many teenagers are struggling to stay motivated and keep their spirits up while parents are juggling more than ever with work, parenting, worries about finances and fears about the future. Read More

Intersectional Feminism!

On March 9th 2021, UHS Wimbledon hosted a Sixth Form conference on intersectional feminism, titled ‘Phenomenal Women’, in honour of International Women’s Day. The aims of the conference were to explore intersectional feminism and to gain a deeper understanding of how our own and other people’s experience of our sex is impacted by other aspects of our identity. Read More

T Level Information Evening

On Tuesday 2nd March we hosted our *T-Level Online Information Evening* on Microsoft Teams. The event was designed to further inform parents and students on the benefits of studying a T-Level at Ursuline Sixth Form. Read More

Why Study T Levels?

Ms Hanson Head of Digital Production, Design and Development, Mr Breese, Head of Lab Science and Mr Nichols Assistant Headteacher provide some great reasons above! Read More

Inclusive Reading!

"To celebrate LGBTQ+ Month, I thought it would be a good opportunity to look at some of the novels that feature LGBTQI+ characters. Some of these characters will be the main protagonists and others may be supporting characters, regardless of this, it is great to see so many LGBTQI+ characters appearing in children and YA fiction. Hope you enjoy!" Read More

Follow Us!

If you haven't already spied an extra social media button on the front page of our website, we are excited to let you know that we're now on Instagram. Read More


During LGBT+ History Month, Ursuline High School will celebrate and remember lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender history through the month of February. This will be promoted in different subject areas, assemblies, online discussions and in year groups... Read More

St Angela Feast Day!

We are looking forward to celebrating the Feast Day of our foundress St Angela Merici on Wednesday 27th January. Students will be off timetable for a day of fun and insightful activities in her spirit! Read More

Learning From Home!

Our Year 7's took part in their Learning Conference online on Tuesday 12th January. The topic of this terms conference was *'Best Practice for Learning From Home'*. Read More

Training During A Pandemic!

Our Teach Wimbledon trainees, like us all, have had a very unusual year! Towards the end of last term we caught up with them to find out how they have coped with their first term of training and how they built a their initial teacher-student relationships in such different circumstances to what they were no doubt expecting. Read More