Year 7 Ethos Day

Year 7 had a fabulous (annual) Ethos Day exploring the Ursuline values of respect, kindness, generosity, perseverance, gratitude and mercy. In groups they learned more about our patrons St Angela and St Ursula, they then presented their research through the choice of visual displays and dramas. Students also created acrostic prayers  to St Angela or Ursula thanking them for their work and asking for their help to love our the school ethos

The Ethos day was concluded with an evaluation of ‘What makes and Ursuline student’ which they completed on Serviam badges. You can see some of their insightful responses below!


What does Serviam mean to me?

"Serviam is how i want to live- showing love and compassion to others. To me Serviam is a very special values we should live out because we treat others how we'd like to be treated."

"It means that I can help others and do what is right for tohers, serve them and God."

"To use my talents for good and help people and not show off."


What does it mean to be an Ursuline?

"To follow the footsteps of St Angela and St Ursula!"

"To follow the core values and serve others in the community."

".. to serve others, obey school rules and to respect everyone.."


How do I live out Serviam?

" respecting people and following the values.."

"..always showing kindness to everyone."

"In my Serviam passport i record how I live out Serviam. I have taken part in various activities to help others."

" being kind to everyone even if they're not my friend. I also try to be a good friend no matter what."


How do I share my Ursuline Values outside of school?

"I share my values by helping my family and trying to give to charity."

"Wearing the correct uniform, I give up my seat if an older person wants to sit down on the bus."

"I help charity, or help care homes, donate and show love."