Dare to Dream!

On Friday 20th September we had our annual Year 11 Retreat on the theme of ‘Dare to Dream’. The focus of the day was to encourage students to dream big in their lives and reminding them that God will be with them on their journey.

On the Retreat we were joined by the Daughters of Divine Charity who were on the TV show ‘Bad Habits’. They shared their personal faith journey’s with the students and encouraged them to ‘Dare to Dream’. They encouraged students to get up singing and dancing with them and played some big games. The students also had a time of reflection where they focused on what was important in their lives.

The students also took part in three workshops, mediation with our wireless headphones, letter writing and a reflection on ‘Our Hopes and Dreams’.

The day ended with a time of prayer lead by the sisters and they asked students to write down their dream for their futures encouraging the to dream big and dream bold!

“Meeting Sr Linda and the other nun was amazing they were so nice and showed how God is bringing joy in their lives. I loved talking with the nuns and it was great to get up and dance with them.”


Thought for the Week
"Let your deeds and words flow from charity."
5th Counsel/18