Poets.. And They Do Know It!

Congratulations to Annie-May, Alanna and Weronika (Year 9) and Mia and Tara (Year 11) whose poems were published by the Stratford Literary Festival 2019 Young Poets Competition.

A special mention goes to Aleeyah (Year 9), who was was awarded the Runner Up prize in the 11-16 Age Category.

Their poems are featured in the 2019 Young Poets Collection book available to purchase here.


See below for some of the students' inspirations for their poems and thoughts on being published writers...

"My poem 'Fallen Farers of a Crimson Sea' was written to highlight the terror and trauma left behind by war, and the tragedy that befalls men who partake in said war. My poem was rather focused on the element of blood, present so as to confront the monstrosity that is within the hearts of those who fuel war and war-like tendencies. I myself am overjoyed that my poem was fit to be published, and I hope that this achievement continues to fuel my ongoing desire and love for writing, and that it embellishes my future career as a writer and poet." Alanna Year 9

"The title of my poem is Room. It got published in the Stratford Literary Festival book. My poem is about my room, which is my favourite place, and about how I feel safe and accepted there. I am pleased at my achievement of being published, and was not expecting that to happen." Weronika Year 9

"My poem was about the beach, as it is one of my favourite places because I love how peaceful it is. When I wrote the poem, it reminded me of the times I was on holiday. Especially, when I was in Lanzarote, as it has really nice beaches. I was very surprised when I found out I was published because I wasn't expecting it." Annie May, Year 9

"I was delighted to hear that I was runner-up in the 11-16 competition. I did not expect it! I wrote my poem about my brother, who passed away in 1994, the title 'Impart' are words that are engraved in his gravestone. I wrote the poem in tribute to him, as I have not visited his grave in quite a while and my Mum gave me the inspiration to write this poem when she commented on a perfume that reminded her of him.." Aleeyah, Year 9


Thought for the Week
"Let your deeds and words flow from charity."
5th Counsel/18