Chaplain Update


Our new year has started with our new normal and as community we have adapted well!

Our theme is year is ‘The one who has hope lives differently’ which is important during this time. We are encouraging our students to have hope and share hope. For if we have hope we are positive and more able to work for change. 

This term we have not been able to celebrate Mass so instead have celebrated liturgies of the Word. Our Holy Spirit liturgies were based on our theme for the year and our St Ursula liturgies were on the theme of ‘Imago Dei’, ‘In the imagine of Christ’. In our St Ursula liturgy we reflected on what it meant to be Christ on earth, and how this is a challenge for each of us.

Students were asked to reflect on one way they could be a reflection of Christ on earth. One student shared her insight on the liturgy; “We are all united in the image of Christ, meaning we are all unique, yet different, therefore we should celebrate our differences.”

This term we also had two virtual Retreat Days, our Year 11 Retreat on the theme of ‘Dare to Dream’ and our Year 12 Avila Retreat with St Philomena’s on the theme of ‘Living out our call to protect our planet’. On our Year 11 Retreat were were joined by the Sisters of Devine Mercy who shared their vocation stories about their tv programme Bad Habits, Holy Orders. They encouraged students to think about what and who is important in their lives and how this will affect their futures. On the Avila Retreat we were joined by John Paul de Quay the Founder of The Journey to 2030. He discussed our ecological crisis and encouraged students to think about how they can make a change in our world for a positive climate future.

Have a safe and relaxing half term and remember our Ursuline challenge to be a reflection of Christ in all you do!

Ms Murphy


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