Introducing Our New Head Girl Team

Congratulations to our new Head Girl Team..

Joint Head Girls: Ohemaa & Ellen

Deputy Head Girl: Leann.

"I am absolutely overjoyed with the opportunity to being a part of the first joint Head Girl role and I hope to use this position to live out Serviam and Insieme."

Ohemaa, Joint Head Girl


"I am thrilled to be representing the Ursuline as a joint Head Girl and I cannot wait to get going and see how much of a positive difference we can make in the school community. I am very grateful for this opportunity and cannot wait to work with the Head Girl Team."

Ellen, Joint Head Girl


"Being appointed Deputy Head Girl has to be one of my greatest achievements here at the Ursuline. I look forward to working with my team alongside Ms Waters. I hope to inspire the girls at the Ursuline to continue to persevere and work hard."

Leann, Deputy Head Girl