Mental Health Awareness Week

"It's so important to talk about your mental health and try to find strategies to help you. As a teenager it can sometimes be hard to manage school work and other commitments, particularly around 'exams time', I find yoga really beneficial in helping me to relax and have a good school work and life balance." Alice, Year 9 

As part of Mental Health Awareness Week, students have participated in creating a library display of helpful 'hints and tips' for good mental health practice, to try and help their peers be more mindful of their lifestyle and how habits/activities may impact their emotional well-being, as well as ways to relax.

Top tips included; walks in the park, getting plenty of sleep, listening to music, staying connected to friends/family and meditation to reduce stress levels and anxiety!

The Mental Health Awareness Society also held a ‘How To Tackle Exam Stress’ symposium to give extra help and guidance to students' during the exam season!

The NHS have a excellent website 'Healthy Young Minds' with a whole host 'wellness apps' young people can consult here.

Mental Health- Let's talk about it!

Thought for the Week
"Let your deeds and words flow from charity."
5th Counsel/18