Christmas Donations for Kids on the Green

After the Grenfell tragedy occurred which killed an estimated 72 people. A group of friends (Niamh , Kiah , Keira & Poppy) wanted a give a small token to show we still care even after 18 months and so they decided to donate over 40 presents for the kids on the green Christmas party.

"We had the best experience and got to meet Johara and Yousra who we talked to about their experience and all what they had to go through , they also performed their song about Grenfell Tower."

They also met famous west London rapper AJ Tracey who supports Grenfell Tower.

The girls said

"We are so grateful for attending this Christmas party and meeting all the survivors thanks to Kids on the Green and Justice for Grenfell."

Thought for the Week
"Let your deeds and words flow from charity."
5th Counsel/18