Hallo Dutch Visitors!

"Just a note to say that we had a safe journey back home last Friday and to say that our girls had a wonderful day at your school. Thank you so much for organising!" Nedine, Van Lodenstein College- Kesteren

It was a pleasure to host staff and students from the Van Lodenstein College in the Netherlands on Wednesday 9th October. Students from the college were allocated a 'buddy' and spent the day experiencing life as an Ursuline student and finding out about each other.

Students responded very positively to the experience;

"It was an unique experience where we got to engage with people from a different culture to us, which was an amazing opportunity. My buddy Joanne and i both now follow each on social media and hope to stay in contact." Student

"It was a pleasure meeting with the Dutch students, my buddy Stephanie was extremely friendly and kind, I enjoyed her company and look forward to keeping in contact with her." Student


Thought for the Week
"It is loving the Cross that one finds one heart, for Divine Love cannot live without suffering."
St. Bernadette