Global Reading Project Launch

On Friday 25th January, Ursuline High School launched their new Global Reading Project in the LRC. The project was organised in response to an increased demand by students for our LRC to stock a wider range of international writers. In doing so, we hope to encourage our students to read more widely and diversely.

The new collection of books was unveiled to form representatives by a host of junior librarians and sixth form students. These members of the Global Reading Team worked hard to get everything ready for the launch date and produced numerous colourful displays for their selected sub regions.

The event was coordinated by Ms Spencer (School Librarian) and Ms Byrne (KS3 coordinator). Ms Waters led the introductory talks and welcomed two representatives for each form group to the event.

Ursuline was pleased to welcome Fiona Razvi (Governor) who was the guest speaker at the launch. Ms Razvi spoke passionately about the need to diversify our selected reading materials and the books from international writers which had had a profound impact on her. The LRC was very grateful for her kind donation of a selection of her favourite global reads.

The event was capped off by some inspiring book reviews from the junior librarians who shared their thoughts on some of the titles they had been reading from the new global selection.

By the end of the launch, many of the new books had already been checked out by eager students!

The next stage of the project will be a revolving display in the LRC, with a focus on a new sub-region every month, as well as a series of talks from writers and reviews from our junior librarians  

If you would like to browse some of the collection, make sure to pop into the LRC this week or check out the new Global Reading List which can be found here soon! Or check our our LRC page here.

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