Digital Skills!

Some of our Year 7 and 9 students had a fantastic day at the Lloyds TSB Digital Skills Day at Roehampton University on Wednesday 27th February.

The aim of the event was to show young people how digital skills can take them anywhere they want in life and regardless if you want to work in the ICT industry or not they will all need core digital skills to gain access to the world of work and seize life’s opportunities.

The Project

Students worked in teams of 10 to create their own digital enterprise, they were then given information on how their favourite subjects can open 'digital doors' and developed their ideas using guidance from mentors, a ranges of resources and their own imagination!

They really gained a great deal from the day!

Our girls commented;

"It was fantastic to see students engaged in cross curricular activities involving STEM. Having Year 9 and Year 7's to work together as a group was brilliant. Very entertaining event, we really got to see how digital technology influences us."


"Simple.. but hard, that's what business is!"


"I learnt that good things come with effort and positivity!"

Thought for the Week
"Let your deeds and words flow from charity."
5th Counsel/18